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DIY Tips to Use Integrated Solar Street Light for Home Decoration


Integrated Solar Street Light
The search for integrated solar street light sustainability is gaining more and more followers. In addition to seeking to have more responsible attitudes, such as recycling garbage and reducing water consumption, many people also seek to use more sustainable ways to light up their homes.

Therefore, those seeking to preserve the environment have preferred LED lights, instead of incandescent or fluorescent lights.

What is the advantage of LED lights?

LED lights have the advantage that they spend much less energy to stay lit, do not use mercury in their manufacture and have a much longer lifespan. Although the acquisition cost is higher, in the long run, they are more economical and certainly more sustainable.

Decoration trends have also been betting on integrated solar street light fixtures. They can give many different effects, making the environment more fun, cozy or sophisticated.

Below, we’ll give you some tips on how to use LED lighting fixtures in your home decor.

How can I decorate my home with integrated solar street light?

There are many ways to use LED lighting in your home. You can opt for traditional lighting fixtures or so-called LED strips. Some people like to put little lights in bottles or behind children’s beds, to give a delicate air.

Check out our three tips on how to use LED lighting fixtures in home decor:

  1. Pending fixtures

Pendant luminaires are those that are hung and with the wires exposed. They go very well with a more industrial and modern decor style. You can choose different yarn sizes to make the decor even cooler.

This type of decoration goes very well with the kitchen or the dining room. You can hang the lamps over the sink or on the table, for example.

2. Integrated solar street light in the children’s room

The children’s room is an excellent place to play more with the decorations. For the baby’s room, a good option are the more yellowish LED lights, which make the room more cozy and are more suitable for the little ones’ sensitive eyes.

And for children a little bigger, you can create a curtain of integrated solar street light behind the bed, giving a fairy tale feel to the room.

Another very playful option is to put several lights of different size and intensity on the ceiling, as if they were stars in the night. In addition to being very delicate, this decoration option can also be an aid for children who do not like to sleep in completely dark environments.

3. Integrated solar street light fixtures in the garden

If you have a well-kept garden, it is certainly worth seeing both day and night. And to add value to your outdoor decor, you can install some LED lighting fixtures: vintage-style poles look very elegant, and small LED spots running across the grass add a more modern look to your garden.

Do you want to make your street lighting even more sustainable? So choose to use s integrated solar street light! They charge during the day and remain lit at night, making them a totally sustainable decor option.


When it comes to street lighting, it’s important to think first based on what’s on the market. This is because it is a specific environment that has its demands. The most recommended before finding the ideal lamp is to evaluate the costs and performance of all models.

Therefore, we selected various information about the types of lamps used for public lighting. In this way, we will reach the conclusion of the model that has the highest quality and is better adapted to this type of demand.

Read our post and learn more about the lamp for street lighting!

Lamps suitable for street lighting Mercury integrated solar street light

The mercury vapor lamp is the most used type when it comes to street lighting. They need to be more powerful because of their lower brightness per watt. Integrated solar street light are typically used on poles with up to 180 watts of power. Their lifespan can be up to 10,000 hours.

Sodium vapor lamp

Coming from mercury lamps, sodium vapor lamps are quite efficient and therefore candidates for replacements. These lamps are able to offer practically twice the brightness of mercury ones with the same wattage.

Integrated Solar Street Light 2021

On the other hand, the glow is located below the pole, higher in the center and therefore smaller from the outside, they are orange or yellowish in color. Also gain in useful life, with around 18 to 24 thousand hours.

Metal halide lamp

Metal halide lamps have whiter colors, are efficient like sodium vapor lamps, but have a useful life of 8 to 12 thousand hours compared to others.

Integrated solar street light

The already famous integrated solar street light is a more recent option and is very efficient in public lighting. They have good lighting projection and with savings of up to 50% compared to sodium vapor, for example.

Thinking specifically, this type can help drivers in traffic as their lighting produces less glare. They have a slightly higher cost, but they make up for in duration, which is 25 years.

How to choose the ideal type of integrated solar street light?

When knowing which types will serve the best, it is necessary to balance the one with the highest cost-benefit ratio. This is seen by comparing its performance against the location it will be installed, the value, duration and its power.

Today, the type of lamp that comes closest to this standard is the LED, which is more expensive compared to other models on the market, but has a superior life and quality. Thus, the most requested option for public lighting, in addition to other environments.


It’s enough at night to see the poles in action and feel the relevance of this type of resource to the streets. From the quietest cities to the busiest, it is necessary to choose the ideal integrated solar street light for public lighting. Thus, it presents an interesting cost-benefit for everyone.

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