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4 Best Places to Install Solar Street Light in 2021


If there is an issue that is no longer possible to postpone, this issue is installing environment friendly solar street light. As much as it is one of the most talked about issues in the world today, we are reaching irreversible levels that only demonstrates that even though it is a very talked about topic, it is still insufficient in view of events around the world.

On the other hand, many companies are already moving towards the future and realizing that, if there is not a drastic change of attitude on the part of humanity, in a very short time there may not be humanity subject to change.

How solar street light are environment friendly?

Thus, one of the solutions to curb environmental destruction is the advent of the solar street light. This promises to transform the way we deal with lighting. So, if you want to find out more about this subject, stay with us and check out the following article!

How does a solar light pole work?

There’s nothing on a solar pole that you haven’t seen in another photovoltaic energy project. Thus, for a solar pole to work, it basically needs 3 elements: a plate that captures the energy of the sun, a system capable of controlling this accumulated energy and a rechargeable battery.

The difference between the pole and other means of capturing sunlight is its ability, through an intelligence sensor, to generate lighting only at night, thus saving your energy expenditure.

What are the benefits of a solar street light?

Well, in addition to the advantages mentioned above – sustainability and environmental awareness – solar poles can still have numerous advantages to offer us. Follow some of them:

  • Innovation

We know that one of the premises for success, in any sector of the market, is innovation. With solar street light technology, your industry will not only be investing in the future. This in itself is commendable; it will also be innovating and opening the possibility for other industries to realize how much it is possible to work with clean and renewable energy.

This brings not only credibility, but also respect from the consumer public.

Solar Street light Provides Safety


We know how difficult it is to depend on electricity, as any storm or even any wind is capable of making everything dark. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, this sudden lack of lighting can make the environment more insecure.

Because of this, solar poles are also ahead of traditional poles, allowing a lighted path even in the worst winds and storms, increasing the safety and comfort of the place where it is installed.

Reduction in expenses with solar street light

You might think the following: “of course a solar street light would be the most suitable, however it costs a lot!” This thinking is quite common when we are dealing with clean and renewable energy sources. However, it couldn’t be more wrong.

Perhaps the source of this myth lies in the fact that a solar pole, or any sustainable technology, may have a slightly higher investment value than traditional technologies. However, this value soon returns to the investor’s pocket.


The concern with sustainability, especially with energy savings, has been growing exponentially in recent years. The population is more aware of the environmental problems caused by human action and is now seeking to join forces to reverse this situation. One of these efforts refers to the application of LED in public lighting.

In use in small and large USA cities, these luminaires have replaced the old lighting, whose duration corresponds to 12,000 hours, for a number of reasons.

In addition to drastically reducing electricity costs, solar street light stands out in the following areas:

– Economy;

– Durability;

– Safety;

– Sustainability.

Thinking about the energy potential of these spotlights, we produced an article that explains how and why to adopt more sustainable energy sources in public spaces. Good reading!

Economy, security and sustainability

One of the main advantages of using solar street light in public lighting is, without a doubt, the economy. These objects are extremely efficient, have a long useful life of 50 thousand hours, and allow saving up to 75% of electricity, compared to conventional luminaires. Also, they do not need to be changed or adjusted frequently.

Make your Environment More Secure and Comfortable

Furthermore, they are an excellent option in terms of security. By relying on a greater luminous flux, these technologies make public environments more comfortable and safe.

All of this contributes to the reduction of crime in the municipalities and, in addition, it encourages the use of these spaces by residents.

Another advantage of solar street light is the promotion of a more sustainable society. The products are not made of materials that are harmful to health and the environment, such as lead and mercury, for example, and neither heat nor emit Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is responsible for premature aging and for attracting insects.

The trend is for these reflectors to gradually replace sodium and metallic vapor lamps. This reduces the number of polluting objects discarded, since LEDs have a long lifespan and little need for maintenance.

Still, it is important to emphasize the need to dispose of them in places specialized in their collection.

Solutions for major industries

As we have seen, LED luminaires represent a great advance in the lighting segment and are marketed, in general, by companies that are concerned with minimizing environmental issues and providing a better world for future generations. !

We are the largest company in USA in the range of solar lighting! We offer our customers solutions and products for a conscientious and rational use of water energy. Among them are our solar street light, from 50 to 100 watts, which are ideal for:

– Farms;

– Gardens;

– Courts;

– And other outdoor spaces.


In addition to these, we also sell LED solar poles, available in various models and powers. These objects are economical, practical and easily manipulated. And not only that: they are sustainable technologies, with great cost-benefit. Being ecologically correct has never been easier, has it?

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