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6 Pros & Cons of Hybrid Solar System in 2021


What is hybrid solar power?

Hybrid Solar System

Working principle:

Hybrid solar system solutions prioritize the use of solar energy to convert to AC power.

Supply to the priority load (the device needs to maintain a constant power supply), while charging the battery.

If the excess solar energy source connects to the grid to supply other electrical equipment, it will run smoothly. When there is a shortage of solar energy, the system will add grid power to supply electrical equipment
and charge batteries.

In case of power failure, the system uses solar power and battery power to provide priority load.

Grid and storage system components

Solar battery

There are 2 main types of solar batteries in hybrid solar system:

+ Mono battery: It comes up of a single crystal silicon photovoltaic cell.  But in return, the price is relatively high, mono batteries are common in areas with low solar radiation.

+ Poly (polycrystalline): Widely common in the market, although the performance is lower than that of mono batteries, but the price is cheap. Furthermore, it is common in areas with medium high sunlight radiation.

Inverter hybrid solar system

The hybrid inverter is responsible for converting DC electricity from the solar battery system into AC or grid electricity and charging the battery.

In case the power grid is lost, the hybrid solar system will take the power stored in the battery and convert it into AC power for priority devices to use.

With modern inverters, the switching time is less than 10ms. Similarly, the power failure is almost imperceptible.

Storage battery

Depending on the desired storage time, the design unit will advise you on the required battery capacity for the system.

The battery of hybrid solar system must be professional, allowing deep charging and discharging. Moreover, long storage capacity, usually Lion battery type will be common the most.

Production monitoring of hybrid solar system

A modern monitoring system will give you control over all system parameters such as:

  • Amount of electricity generated
  • Amount of electricity stored
  • Moreover, amount of electricity returned to the grid

State of components

All parameters will be displayed right on your phone, and no need to do anything else

Advantages of Hybrid solar power system

Prioritize self-use, excess electricity connect to the grid to sell electricity. The hybrid solar system operates completely automatically from using the EVN grid when there is a power failure to using the backup battery.

Ensure uninterrupted power supply, low switching time.

The system extends the life of the battery, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Hybrid solar system ensures that household appliances in the house such as refrigerators, computers, domestic water pumps, wifi, and air conditioners run even when the grid power is out during the day.

The advantage of a battery-free hybrid system is that it can still work compared to an off-grid system that must have a battery to operate.

Disadvantages of Hybrid System

Generally, high initial investment cost compared to grid-tied and stand-alone solar power systems

Need a professional designer to calculate the maximum amount of battery needed, because the cost of the battery system can account for 60% of the entire hybrid system

Moreover, regular maintenance is important for the system to function at its best

Grid and storage applications

The system is suitable for areas that need to ensure high energy security such as: data centers, telecommunications broadcasting stations (BTS), guard stations, surveillance camera systems, national defense, healthcare, etc. server system, elevator…

Applications for households, offices, businesses and administrative agencies

Designing a hybrid solar system requires a lot of input, and an experienced consultant. Furthermore, it will help you choose the right configuration for your needs.

Hybrid Solar System 2021

There are many advantages to taking advantage of solar power, because it is located in the largest distribution of sunlight in the year on the world solar radiation map.

Let’s take a look at the 6 core benefits of this solution with hybrid solar system.

  1. Save up to 100% on electricity costs

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses.

Electricity bills can reach tens of billions of dong. A very worrying fixed cost. The average price of electricity increases by 5-7% per year

The grid- tied hybrid solar system solution is the best to be able to cut electricity costs every month and use it continuously for 25 years.

Depending on the level of investment in the system, the cost can be saved from 50-100% of electricity bills. The most important parameter 1Kwp will generate 4 Kwh of electricity per day.

2. Get profit from selling solar power to the country

The electricity buyer is responsible for purchasing the entire electricity output from the grid-connected solar power project according to a sample power purchase agreement.


In addition, solar power projects are also entitled to incentives in terms of corporate income tax, import tax, exemption and reduction of land use fees, land rent, etc., according to current regulations.

3.Protect the living environment greener, cleaner.

A rather humane meaning, the benefits of hybrid solar system are contributing to the protection of a greener and cleaner living environment.

When with 1 Kwh of electricity generated from solar power, it will contribute to reducing 0.886kg/CO2 emissions into the environment.

Solar power protects the environment

Solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Buildings are responsible for 38% of the world’s carbon emissions, and solar energy can dramatically reduce that number.

A typical residential solar system will remove 3-4 tons of carbon emissions per year which is equivalent to planting more than 100 trees per year.

4. Enhance business image with hybrid solar system

Many studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values ​​than homes without solar energy.

For investors who are large enterprises, working with partners who are interested in energy certificates, only reducing CO2 emissions, the investment in solar power helps raise the brand image in the eyes of investors.

  1. Increase employee morale

Just like consumers, employees have an appreciation for the employer’s commitment to the community. Employees share in the success and contributions of their organizations.

Companies that care about their community and the environment tend to have higher employee engagement rates and higher morale levels.

6. Benefits of catching up with 4.0 trends from solar power

Energy efficiency as a core component of Industry 4.0 as energy demand increases, energy control is applied in smart factories and smart industries.

More than ever, energy efficiency in the Industry 4.0 market is an important issue. Investing in hybrid solar system is an effective solution in the current trend.

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