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How to Care for LED Solar Lights Outdoor


The Maintenance Guide for LED Solar Lights Outdoor

The led solar lights outdoor are one of the most inexpensive solutions for outdoor lighting.  The solar panels used in LED lights are quite small and they are comparatively cheaper than the solar panels which are larger in size.  The led solar lights outdoor work best when placed in the sunniest of the spots.

The word solar focuses on the energy absorbed from the sun in the form of sunlight. Additionally, led solar lights outdoor reserves energy from the sunlight and use it to recharge batteries installed in their system.  They are a great way for illuminating outdoor areas like gardens, patios, and terraces.

led solar lights outdoor

The reason to install these solar LED lights outdoors is due to their sturdy qualities.  They are very much resistant to all the external elements like weather and seasonal changes.  Although they can face a lot of harsh conditions, it is advisable to follow some maintenance tips for their longer life.

Care for LED Solar Lights Outdoor

The LED solar lights outdoor come in different varieties that have various changes in size, shape, style, and installation. Some common LED outdoor solar lights to come as hanging lanterns, on ground placed lights, and along the outdoor walls or boundaries.  It is imperative to take care of your LED solar lights so that they keep on illuminating your outdoors without any problem.

Although they are designed to face the harsh elements, they still require proper care and timely maintenance. Otherwise, they may result in deteriorating the illumination and affecting the quality of the light. The working behind solar LED lights is quite simple.

Usually, these outdoor lights have small solar panels installed in their structure.  They also encase rechargeable batteries along with the LED light.  During the daylight, the panels absorb energy from the sun and charge the battery.  When the sun goes down, the photoresistors inside the structure activate by getting power from the battery and therefore lighting the LED lights.

Moreover, it is important to understand the mechanism behind cleaning these solar panels in order to maintain their efficiency level.  It is obvious that the storage inside the solar panels totally depends on the availability of Sunlight which is only possible if the placement of this light is a well-lit area.  This is why, if dirt or rubble covers the solar panel, it can substantially lessen the battery’s ability to charge efficiently.

Outdoor places tend to get dirty quite often due to the grime, dust, and weather conditions. This is why they are a lot of useful outdoor lights available. It is because they can bear harsh and tough weather conditions.

Cleaning Tips for LED Solar Lights Outdoor

Now, the question arises on the ways to clean a solar panel properly.  The answer is very simple and economical. You can use any type of liquid disinfectant to clean the solar panels. Moreover, you can also make your own homemade DIY cleaning liquid.  Just spray a small quantity of the liquid on the Solar Panel and use any cloth to wipe the dust off.

There are many products available in the markets that solely focus on cleaning glass panels.   Even if you don’t want homemade cleaning solutions, you can use the commercial solutions and get a glass cleaner.  This will do the job as well as any other liquid. It is visible that the maintenance requires very little input but the results are phenomenal.

One more thing that requires attention is the best time to clean the solar panels.  For optimum results, it is better to clean the panel in the daytime.  The reason for cleaning in the daytime is that the sun can easily evaporate excess washing liquid.  Otherwise, any remaining residue of the cleaning liquid on the panels can affect the efficacy of charging batteries.

The cleaning of a solar panel LED lights depends on the condition of these lights. You need to clean them as often as you want. It totally depends on the amount of accumulated grime on the surface of these panels. The solar LED lights that are close to the ground tend to get dirty very often, hence the cleaning needs to be accordingly. Cleaning them is super easy, so the time it takes is minimal and the result is a clean and efficient LED solar panel outdoor light.

Maintaining LED Solar Lights Outdoor

This is a given, that all types of outdoor lighting need proper cleaning and maintenance.  This is a necessity to ensure that the light functions properly and provides adequate illumination.  Improper care and maintenance can result in repairs that can cost a lot.

The maintenance does not take a lot of time and affects the level of efficiency and functionality significantly. A little caring can go a long way to broaden their lifespans. Here are some useful tips and tricks to maintain these lights properly just like a professional.

Regular Pruning of Adjacent Bushes

Well, it is very important to prune the bushes, trees, and plants that surround the solar panel light.  And, this must occur at regular intervals.  If a plant or a tree covers the solar panel, it can hinder the amount of sunlight that enters the panel.

This veiled exposure affects the performance since it does not allow the light to enter directly into the solar panels. The pruning totally depends on the growth rate of the plants that surround the LED solar light. Sometimes they may need pruning twice a month and others may need it only once a year.

Cleaning the Solar Panels

This is the most vital requirement if you like to install solar panel LED lights in your outdoors. It affects the functioning of the outdoor lighting greatly.  It is a common occurrence that solar panels can get dusty and be unable to charge their batteries due to an added layer of grime.

This can dually affect the lighting. The first one is that the light will be unable to store the solar energy in the panels; hence the light may not perform optimally. It can go off due to a lack of charging. The second problem can be that the battery life, which can get a negative impact due to half and improper charging.

Cleaning the Fixtures

While you are at it, cleaning just the solar panel is not enough. You also need to clean the fixtures and fitting of the complete light. Obviously, a layer of dust over the fittings is the same as the layer of dust on the panel itself. It not only affects the functioning but also affects the optical appeal for the viewer. A dirty globe can inhibit the illumination too.

Checking Fixtures for Damages

This may seem unnecessary but this is also a major part that requires your attention.  When cleaning the fixtures and fitting that surround the light panel, you should look for any damages or cracks in the exterior fittings at regular intervals.

A cracked surface can refract the amount of light entering the solar panels. This can affect its functionality thus it is an appropriate choice to change and replace the faulty parts as soon as possible.  Otherwise, if you keep up with the damaged parts, you might have to replace the complete solar LED light.  This will be much costlier than just changing a damaged part.

Checking for Corrosion in the Batteries

Another important maintenance point that comes to mind is regularity in checking the batteries for corrosion.  You might notice a difference in the charging of your batteries when they corrode.  It is possible to experience incomplete charging and dimly lit lights if the battery is suffering from decomposition.

It is easy to check for the existence of corrosion in the batteries.  You just have to look for the area that houses the battery, take them out and see if there is a speck of whitish dust over them.  If the amount of white debris on the battery is less in quantity then you can easily brush it off. But, if the situation seems out of hand, you immediately need to replace them with the new ones before they start damaging the other related parts.

Replacing the Batteries When Required

Under regular conditions, a solar-operated battery can last for more than two years. A nickel battery is the worst option amongst all the batteries. Moreover, you can easily judge when your lights need new batteries. Obvious signs are that they may start to dim in just a short amount of time or the light emitting from the LED panel becomes dim.

But before investing in the new batteries always does small testing like cleaning the panels, making sure that the light is in direct contact with sunlight, and checking for corrosive formations around the batteries. Good quality batteries do cost a lot therefore make sure that you have exhausted all the ends to assure that there is no other problem that affected the light quality other than the battery performance.

Adjusting the Fixtures and Positioning

One more step tip to get high-quality illumination through LED solar panel lights is to adjust the fixtures and positioning. You need to make sure and confirm that all the placements for the solar lights are directly under the sun. Some lights need specific angles to perform optimally. Therefore, you should cater to its placement needs. Always choose suitable lights that go with your exteriors. You can also refer to landscaping teams to help you in selecting proper led outdoor lights.

led solar lights outdoor


There are many people who like to add LED solar panel lights in their outdoors.  This is an appealing way of adding beauty and visual effects in the open areas surrounding your place. While installing these lights, you must make sure that you have the basic know-how of maintaining and keeping up with these lights.

Although they require the most minimal kind of maintenance, it is important to perform some of them to increase their lifespan. They totally operate on batteries that store sunlight from the sun in the form of solar energy. Make sure you follow a proper guide to clean and upkeep the sustenance of these solar lights. If cared for properly, they can be visually pleasing as well as operational for safety reasons.

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