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6 Steps to Install Half Cell Mono PV Solar Panel?


Half Cell Mono PV Solar Panel 2022
Knowing how to install Half Cell Mono PV solar panel is extremely important for specialized companies, right? But for you, who will invest in this system, too!

We’re not saying that you need to understand everything about engineering, geography, technology, electrical and everything else that involves solar energy, but understanding the steps is essential for you to make this investment more safely.

So, keep reading to learn more about this subject!

What is a solar energy project?

A solar energy project is nothing more than a detailed description of how to install solar energy in a consumer unit or in an area that will supply different consumer units.

Therefore, if you intend to invest in photovoltaic technology. Before installation of Half Cell Mono PV solar panel, the specialized company will carry out an entire project. After carrying out a series of analyzes and studies on your specific demand.

It is possible to install solar energy in different locations, such as:

  • in houses or apartments;
  • in horizontal or vertical condominiums;
  • industries, companies and commerce in general;
  • on rural properties;
  • n vehicles such as motorhomes.

Before delivering the project to install solar energy in a residence, the team will evaluate different aspects of the place, such as: geographic position, average temperature, place of installation of solar panels, the average energy consumption of the property, etc.

Only after the project and other bureaucratic procedures approve, will the team know how to install solar energy in the best possible way.

Steps to install Half Cell Mono PV solar panel in a home

Well, after we understand what it is and the importance of a solar energy project, let’s understand the steps:

The installation location will already be specified in the project, as well as the other components of the system. In this way, the team will know if it will need to climb on a roof, a slab or even if the panels will install somewhere on the ground – remembering that when the solar panels are on the ground. They are called power plants.

Installation of Half Cell Mono PV solar panel carries out on specific supports, which fixes in the places where they will remain. Remember that they are angled towards sunlight.

The aluminum rails are part of the structure of the solar panels

The procedure is usually simple, especially if the roof is made of metal, as it is enough to screw the metal support onto the tiles. In the case of clay tiles, then they are removed where the slabs will be installed, according to what is established in the project.

Knowing how to install Half Cell Mono PV solar panel, more specifically the support and panels, is important to avoid possible infiltrations in the property.

In addition to the installation of the support, the aluminum rails are also part of the mounting structure of the solar panels.

They are important for the panels to remain attached

They have the appearance of an aluminum channel, with the ideal opening for the plates to attach.

When the structure is ready it’s time to fix the solar panels to the rails. The number of panels will depend on the project and the power capacity that has purchased.

After installing the Half Cell Mono PV solar panel, a series of cables connect to them. It is time, then, to install the other equipment inside the property or in another place foreseen in the project.

The last step to install solar energy in a residence is the installation of the solar inverter and the other protection boxes.

At this point of how to install solar energy in a residence. The electrician will be responsible for interconnecting the cables that are in the panels to the other components.

One of these components is the solar inverter

Half Cell Mono PV Solar Panel

A box responsible for transforming the energy generated by the Half Cell Mono PV solar panel into electricity suitable for consumption. Another important piece of equipment is the String Box. It protects direct current (DC) wires against electrical discharges and surges.

In homes, the solar energy system installed is the On Grid, that is. The energy connects to the energy distributor in the region. In this case, all excess electricity injects into the public grid and returned to you in the form of credits. And, on the days you need it, you can also use the energy of the distributor.

Half Cell Mono PV solar panel

After all, do the types of solar energy exist only for residential and business properties? Do solar panels also work in other locations?

The answer to the first question is “no”, while the answer to the second question is “yes”! Solar energy also works (and very well) in places other than homes and businesses.

For starters, you need to understand about the two types of solar energy:

Types of On Grid and Off Grid Half Cell Mono PV solar panel

To understand that photovoltaic technology can be good to use in different places – including in cars, for example. There are two types of solar energy.

The first type is solar on grid. In this type, the system interconnects with the energy distribution network of your city. That is, you can continue using the public network whenever you need to. When your system produces more than the property good to use. The surplus injects into the distributor and returned to you in the form of credits.

In other words, we mean that in the on-grid system, the public Half Cell Mono PV solar panel works as a kind of battery for storing the surplus. This storage is important, because you don’t want to waste all the solar energy you produce, do you?

Places where you can install solar energy

Well, so far you have understood that there are two types of solar energy. The off-grid system, which uses batteries to store excess energy. The on-grid system, which uses the region’s own energy distributor for this purpose.

Because of this difference, solar energy can be good to use in different places. Let’s see some examples!

On Grid System

  • Residential real estate;
  • trades;
  • offices;
  • Companies in general;
  • Ground plants where there is a public power grid;
  • Vertical (buildings) and horizontal (houses) condominiums.
  1. But what if the locality does not have a public Half Cell Mono PV solar panelfor you to interconnect the system? In this case, you will need to invest in batteries to store what you have produced. This is precisely the characteristic of off-grid solar energy. Where there is no connection to any conventional energy grid.
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