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9 Benefits of Using Grid Tied Solar System in 2021


Grid Tied Solar System
Grid tied solar system
 have many benefits in life. We can save that to save electricity, you can see that electricity is increasing day by day, hour by day, making your household electricity bill more and more increasing, energy lights only use natural energy absolutely no power.

Solar lights on the market are no longer a strange product to consumers. The increasing popularity of energy lamps is understandable. The benefits it brings in life are extremely good. Here, Anern Marketing will review the top 9 benefits of grid tied solar.

Save electricity

Saving electricity is the mentioned benefit. You can see that electricity is increasing day by day, hour by day, making your home electricity bill more and more increasing. For solar lights, that problem is easily solved, because the lights work on the principle of solar lights without using normal grid electricity. You can refer to Anern Marketing ways to save electricity.

Use energy-saving grid tied solar system

Beautiful design

Solar lights have many designs that are extremely convenient and beautiful. LED lights come with solar panels. Lamps are designed in both classic and modern styles to create a very special product.

As for the grid tied solar system, which has a luxurious copper color, the butterfly motif on the lamp body exudes a wonderful beauty. Besides lighting, it can also be common as decoration, adding a luxurious look to your family.

The design of the grid tied solar system

Safe and friendly

The lamp is designed to simply include LED lights and energy panels, easy to install without cumbersome electrical wiring, without fear of short-circuiting problems.

Did you know the light from the lamp has bad effects on the skin? The light emitted from ordinary lamps contains UV rays that directly affect your skin, while with solar lamps, the light emitted is extremely friendly and does not contain UV rays that affect your skin.

Not afraid of power outages

Grid tied solar system use energy stored through the process of converting energy from absorbing sunlight. So the lights will automatically light up. Therefore, the power grid failure does not affect the solar lights. You can comfortably use the lights without fear of being affected by a power outage. Even if the electricity of your house is cut off, if you use energy lights, your home will be “the brightest in the street” without worry.

Persistence over time with grid tied solar system

The outer shell comes of ABS or aluminum material, these two materials have extremely high lamp protection with good scratch resistance. In particular, with the lights with the outer shell of aluminum metal, it has good heat dissipation ability to help the led chip brighter.

Durability of solar lights

Good IP stats

The IP index is also known as the dust and water resistance index to protect the grid tied solar system against harmful effects from the surrounding environment. IP rating is also an important factor determining the quality of solar lights.

Super bright grid tied solar system

Solar lights use super bright LED chips; the lighting efficiency is much higher than ordinary lights. Normally, the led chips common in solar lights are SMD and COB chips; the light that the SMD chip emits multicolor light, and the light that the COB chip emits has only a single color.

Super bright energy led chip

Grid Tied Solar System 2021

Long lamp life

Grid tied solar system have a long life; you can use them for a long time. The lamp comes of materials with good protection, and also has a high level of protection against dust and water.

Thanks to the protection from the above materials, the lamp is able to operate longer and more durable. If you use solar light properly and cleaned regularly, the lights can use up to 15 years of use.

Grid tied solar system is Easy to carry

Because the lamp comes with energy panels with grid tied solar system, it is easy for you to carry it for long trips, picnics with relatives and friends.

Solar lights have many types of lights, different lamp powers that can be common for homes and businesses. Below, we will suggest you some effective solar lights installation locations.

Where to install solar lights?

With a solar lamp you can place anywhere, just make sure to provide enough sunlight for the lights to work effectively.

Grid tied solar system have many types of lights, different lamp powers that can be common for homes and businesses. Below, HV Solar will suggest you a few installation locations such as:

  • Indoor: you can install it in the kitchen, living room, balcony, warehouse
  • In the garden:you can easily install it around the garden, along the garden path with lawn lights, installed under the fence.
  • Factory: solar lights do not need many cumbersome wires and still create a good lighting system for your production area, solar flood lights are the most reasonable choice for this case.
  • Parking: outdoor parking lots for amusement parks, mainly outdoor parking lots, can use grid tied solar systemto achieve the best effect.

Use of grid tied solar system in Park

The park is an area with a large space, many people gather from the elderly to children, it will be very dangerous for electrical wiring or short-circuits to occur. Therefore, in areas such as parks, solar lights should also install to ensure the safety of people.

Billboards: Billboards are no longer a strange thing to us, companies want to popularize products and increase brand awareness to customers. You can easily come across an advertising board.

Some locations to install solar lights

You can also install solar lights on billboards to optimize costs.

Is it difficult to install grid tied solar system?

When buying grid tied solar system at Anern Marketing, you will provide with screws for more convenience during assembly. Solar lights with self-operated mechanism. You only need a lamp and battery and a few basic installation tools.

You can install the light easily, no need to connect cumbersome wires. For proof, you can scroll up to see how to install solar lights that we have written below.

How to install solar lights yourself?

Once you have a good understanding of the components that make up solar lights, you only need to spend 10 minutes to install the lights yourself in the most satisfactory way.

  • Prepare what?
  • Drill + drill bit
  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver tool
  • Protective gloves
  • Solar light set
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