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Find the Best Solar LED Wall Light for Your Home


Solar lights are making their way swiftly in the market. People are switching to them for their offices and homes. They are economical and environment friendly. Innovation of technology has led to better and enhanced solar lights, one such example is the solar LED wall light.

 People are incorporating these lights in both domestic as well as commercial properties. You can find variations in solar LED wall Light as well. After all, these lights do offer a number of benefits in comparison to the traditional light.

solar led wall light

Choosing the best solar LED lights can be challenging as there are several manufacturers offering them. However, very few tend to maintain the quality and standard of the products. One such brand is Anern Marketing.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different Solar LED lights that the brand offers.

Where to Find the Best Solar LED Wall Light

 Anern is a growing business in solar-led wall lights. They were established in 2009 and have become the leading innovators of solar-led wall lights. The company is committed to improving the environment by bringing scientific and technological capabilities to their products. They believe in devising technology that is energy saving, provides green energy solutions, and is effective. This technology is advanced and professionally designed. Aiming for customer satisfaction, they provide high-quality products and services.

 Why Choose Anern

Anern believes that professionalism and advancement in the industry are the way forward. This is what they introduced in their own professional factory. They have advanced production equipment, a talented and professional team, and a versatile product line. They make sure that high-quality products are available for customers. This is achieved by strict quality control and international standard management. The key elements for their products are

  • Development of over 3000 solar and LED projects worldwide.
  • Service providers to over 180 countries globally.
  • Reducing the cost of products through rich production experience.

What Anern has to Offer – Face the World

Products they offer:

Anern offers a wide range of products including solar-led wall lights, solar power systems, and all types of LED and solar lights. They keep an eye on the requirements of the customers whether they need pre-designed products or want customized products. Anern also offers OEM or OED services. This will help companies with their project developments and cooperation.

 Solar Garden Light (All in One Solar Garden Light ISGL05)

It is one of the most bought products from the brand. It uses aluminum housing with a high lumen LED chip and LiFePo4 battery. This product of this series can be used in sidewalks, parks, industrial parks, home courtyards, and other places.

solar led wall light


It has the following advantages:

  • This is a carefully designed product that ensures cost-effectiveness.
  • It has a self-made patent housing design and controller scheme which ensures product stability.
  • To ensure the quality of the product, a complete supply chain works backhand.
  • OEM and ODM services are provided and agents and distributors from various countries are recruited.


It has the following features:

  • 5050 LED Lamp beads
  • Removable glass housing
  • Large-capacity lithium battery
  • Mono-crystalline solar panel

Round Solar Garden Light (ISGL02-D)

This product of the series is also a hot seller due to its unique design. It is easy to install and disassemble. It is a large capacity brand new deep cycle lithium iron phosphate battery, a built-in intelligent dimming controller and a human sensor module.

solar led wall light


It has the following advantages:

  • To ensure the quality of the product, a complete supply chain works backhand.
  • OEM and ODM services are provided and agents and distributors from various countries are recruited.
  • It has an independently developed shell design and a controller scheme that ensures the stability of product quality.
40W LED Anti-glare Recessed Downlight https://www.pstarled.com/product/bucking-series-40w-led-anti-glare-recessed-downlight/
30W LED Recessed Downlight https://www.pstarled.com/product/eilene-series-30w-led-recessed-downlight/
30W LED Track Linear Light https://www.pstarled.com/product/20w-30w-led-track-linear-light/
4 inch LED Downlight https://www.pstarled.com/product/owen-series-4-inch-led-downlight/
35W LED Track Lighting https://www.pstarled.com/product/30-35w-good-heat-dissipation-led-track-lighting/
Zoomable Led Recessed Downlight https://www.pstarled.com/product/myrna-series-zoomable-led-recessed-downlight/
Dimmable LED Downlight for Hotel https://www.pstarled.com/product/dover-series-cynthia-series-dimmable-led-downlight-for-hotel/
30W LED Downlight Fixture https://www.pstarled.com/product/tokio-series-30w-led-downlight-fixture/
Hotel Led Recessed Downlight https://www.pstarled.com/product/sylvia-series-phedra-series-hotel-led-recessed-downlight/
30W Tuya Zigbee Tunable White Dimmable LED Track Light https://www.pstarled.com/product/30w-tuya-zigbee-tunable-white-dimmable-led-track-light/
It has the following features:
  • All in one design
  • Modular design
  • High Security
  • High-Efficiency Solar Panel


 Adjustable Solar Street Light/ Panel Solar Street Light (SL)

These solar-led wall lights come with an independent solar panel bracket. Solar panel power can be customized according to customers’ demands to meet the maximum lighting time requirement. It also has a light source, controller, and battery together, with independently installed solar panels. For areas with poor lighting conditions, the power of solar panels can be increased to increase power generation and solve the problem of insufficient lighting time.

solar led wall light


It has the following advantages:

  • Own solar panel factory, and an invested battery factory along with a lamp housing factory. This gives cost advantages.
  • Independent design and development capabilities, with multiple product parents.
  • Solar lighting engineered design.
  • Promising that the raw materials used are not second-hand or defective.

It has the following features:

  • Solar Panel Angle Adjustable

Solar panels can be adjustable according to different environments and making full use of the design.

  • Degree lens

This device has a 140 X 70-degree beam angle providing a much wider lighting area. In comparison to conventional solar lights, it is a very effective design.

  • Replaceable Battery

This device has an easy to replace the battery. You just need to unscrew the lam back and take the battery box ours. It is very simple and convenient.

  • Decorating function with aesthetic design

It comes with six switches by turns which makes it different from other devices in the series and brands.

 It has wide applications in street lighting, expressway lighting, road lighting, and country road lighting.

They also own a professional factory with advanced technology. The company has a skilled team and they are also adopting worldwide leading technologies. They ensure quality products through strict quality management.

Why use a Solar LED Wall Light

  • Eco-Friendly

There is no release of harmful gases from a solar panel. Thus, it is an environment friendly device.

  • Green

Green is the new black. Solar energy is green i.e. it is safe to use. It is a great way to save the planet and reduce the impact of global warming and the wastes we are sending out.

  • Renewable

We are well aware of the fact that Earth is constantly being consumed because of non-renewable sources. Solar energy is a renewable energy resource. Once reserved, it can be consumed even on the coldest days. The solar led wall light is an innovative design, and this is even more suitable and handy.

  • Availability and Easy Installation

You can easily install these solar leds anywhere you want. The sun is everywhere, and this device does not need a big set up. A few bolts are required to hold and secure the stands and some basic wiring is required for the panels to start saving energy. Nowadays, it can easily be installed on a roof or windows.

  • Cost-Effective

There is no denying that solar leds are cost-effective. The electricity rates are increasing day by day, however, once you install the solar energy panel, there would be a great decrease in your electricity bill.  Thus, allowing you to easily calculate the cost difference. 

  • Low Voltage

Solar energy utilities low voltage (around 12 to 24 Volts DC). This means that it is safe to use and easy to install.

  • Energy Saver

These solar led wall lights, in comparison to standard electric systems, utilise low power. LEDs, when powered using DC, operate efficiently by providing lighter and less heat.

  • Battery Backup

These devices can store energy for three plus days. Even if the sun is out, the power will still be available for a couple of days.

  • Tax Credits/Grants

The government is also wanting us to be green. They are providing tax credits and grants to help with the purchase of solar panels or any other renewable energy products for that matter.

 Pros and Cons of Using Solar LED Wall Light


  • It is a pollution-free way of energy consumption and causes no greenhouse gas emission after installation.
  • It hardly depends on fossil fuels and foreign oils.
  • This renewable and clean energy is almost available every day of the year. If there are clouds, there is still sunlight.
  • It is a return on investment
  • The solar panels last up to 30 years thus it requires little maintenance.
  • It will create more job opportunities like manufacturers of solar panels, solar panel installers, etc. This, in turn, will strengthen the economy.
  • It will be able to live grid-free if all power generated provides enough for the place (buildings or homes).
  • You can install it anywhere.
  • The light can even store extra power on purpose for use in times of need.
  • You can also install it in cars or on water heaters.
  • It is able to efficiently grow with time. With improvements and advancements, within the same size, it can become more efficient in the future.
  • With time, the teams are working on the design of the solar panels so that they become extensive in their use.
  • It requires a lot of space as the efficiency is not 100% yet.
  • For starters, the material cost and installation cost are high and also have a long return on investment (ROI). Although solar is becoming more cost-effective day by day this is still an issue.
  • There is no solar power at night so there is a need for a large battery bank.
  • It does not have a sleek design which troubles some customers.
  • It runs on DC power directly which is more expensive than AC power.
  • The size of the solar panel varies for the same power generation depending on geographical location.
  • Cloudy days do not produce as much energy as estimated.
  • Keeping in mind the affordability, they are not being mass-produced due to a lack of material and technology.
  • When thinking of using solar panels in cars, it should also be known that they do not have the same speed and power as other typical gas-powered cars.
  • In winters, solar production is low. It means if less energy is produced and stored, it will run out before use.

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