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What are cause of damaged best solar lights?


Causes and ways to repair solar lights

 Best solar lights are being widely used in the era of development. The best solar lights are gradually replacing conventional lights. However, in the process of using, there will be problems and failures occur. Let’s find out ways to repair solar lights.

Identifying the lamp that is having a problem will make it easier to work and repair your lamp. The lamp light is dim, the lamp with the old battery will emit light with lower power or not as clear as the new lamp. Lights that don’t come on can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Causes of broken solar lights

· Not getting enough direct sunlight:

The lamp needs a lot of direct sunlight to work properly. But for a long time, when we do not check them regularly, the panels will be covered with dirt, bird droppings, and trees, which reduce the ability to absorb direct sunlight.

This leads to a battery that is not fully charged, which reduces battery life, reduces lighting time, and causes lights to dim, as well as not light. To get solar light to ensure that the bulb is in direct contact with sunlight.

· The switch is not on:

The solar lights are controlled by sunlight. These solar lights come with on and off switches which control the whole system of these lights. If we want our lights to ON us switch on the light.

Generally, your grandchildren are quite curious. Furthermore, they accidentally touching the lamp and switching the lamp’s work to off mode. Ina ddition, check the lights and make sure they are always on, for the best performance.

· Without pulling the shield on the battery:

Newly purchased best solar lights are sometimes equipped with a pull tag on the battery holder to prevent them from discharging during transport. Similarly, you need to remove this card before attempting to charge the lamp.

best solar lights

· Lights are flooded with water:

The solar lights have good waterproofing materials. However, after experiencing heavy rain, there was water on the lamp head. There are types of water lamps that are easy to escape; others that affect the internal circuit, making the lights not work well.

To prevent a few drops of water from accumulating on top of the lamp head, you can check by removing the metal or plastic top plate from the lamp head. You can also try cleaning the wet part of the lamp, keeping it for a few days to dry the lamp.

· Other light exposure:

Most solar light fixtures are equipped with an optical sensor that can detect light from the outside. The best solar lights are usually designed to work from dusk to dawn, with this photosensor detecting the light source and triggering to turn the solar device on or off.

One reason why your home’s lights don’t work is to place them in the area where other light sources such as street lights, lights from neighbors are installed, making the device think it’s daytime and turn off the lights. Therefore, in this case cover the optical sensor with something.

 How to repair best solar lights

Initial steps to repair solar lights

Firstly, disassemble your luminaire it is recommended that you use the instruction sheet that came with your lamp to disassemble the product so that the interior of the device can be seen. Check the luminaire is waterproof or not.

Remove the battery of the solar lights and check for corrosion. Corrosion makes an outer layer of the battery. You can remove this layer brush or any sandpaper. After cleaning ensure that the battery is properly placed and in contact with the metal receptors inside the battery case.

Final steps for repairing the solar lights

Check the exposed wires animals can sometimes chew away at any exposed wires, which can cause the lights to fail. You need to check if they are broken, frayed, or not. Some best solar lights come in warranty they can be replaced if not tap or soldering wire to fix it.

Instructions for using solar lights seem simple, but that is the problem that the consultants of we receive a lot of attention from customers. That’s why we wrote this article intending to solve the problem and help you use solar lights more efficiently.

How solar lights works?

Why do you need to know about the construction of solar lights? There is an old saying: “Knowing people, knowing people, winning hundreds of battles” when you understand the structure and operating principle, you will easily use the most optimal solar lights possible.

Most of the best solar lights have the same structure and working mechanism. Let’s learn them together so that we can become an expert when there is a problem in lights or the lights won’t light up

Construction of solar lights

No matter what type of solar light you are using, it only combines the following components: Solar LED light construction, storage battery, LED bulbs. Solar panels are an indispensable part of solar lights. It has the task of absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity.

best solar lights 2021

Silent operation

Compared to other energy sources, solar energy does not make any noise while it is operating.

  1. Green energy

An obvious benefit, but not for that reason it should be mentioned. Photovoltaic energy facilitates the reduction of CO2 emissions, that is, it does not generate pollution. At the same time, it is reducing the use of fossil fuels, thereby indirectly combating global warming. In addition, an all-in-one lighting systems  are designed to withstand environmental impact in extreme climates.

6. Anyone can buy solar energy lights

In today’s market there are a wide variety of options in terms of photovoltaic energy systems. However, solar energy specialists have certifications and recognized projects

Storage battery: stores energy. All of HV SOLAR’s energy lamp products used Lithium batteries for storing more energy. LED bulbs: By using a super bright small LED chip, the light intensity is much higher than normal LED bulbs. For best solar light these components are important.

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