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Community Solar Lighting Project in Malaysia

Date: November 2019 Location: Sabah, Malaysia
AN-SL-project (1)
AN-SL-project (2)

The project is to provide an alternative to traditional lighting for a community in Sabah, Malaysia. 100 sets of Anern AN-SL series integrated solar street lights are successfully installed here. When customers searched for products on the Internet, they saw our AN-SL series for the first time and were impressed by the exquisite appearance of the series. At the same time, customers have higher requirements for solar panel power and brightness, and the AN-SL series can fully meet their requirements.

The AN-SL series of solar street lights is a patented product developed by Anern. This series of products innovatively use streamlined unibody structure, flexible angle adjustment, high strength against wind, ultra-bright Philips lamp beads and large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, the maximum power can achieve 120W.Unique lens with 140*70 degree beam angle, can provide much wider effective lighting area compared to the conventional solar lights for mounting in the same height.

Just unscrew the lamp back cover and take out the battery box, no need to unload the whole lamp from the pole for battery replacement, very simple and  convenient.

After the final customer received the product, he again affirmed its appearance design, product quality and performance. At present, the project has become a landmark success case in community construction.


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