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7 Reasons to Choose Best Solar Street Lights in 2021


The 3 purposes of efficient best solar street lights are to reduce energy consumption, extend the life of the lamps and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

What you’ll find in this best solar street lights article?

1 Efficient lighting for any space

2 Difference between LED and energy saving lamps

2.1 Ignition speed

2.2 Illumination tone

2.3 Shapes

3 Why choose solar lights?

4 How to choose an LED lamp?

4.1 Consumption

4.2 Service life

4.3 Appearance

So the above points have become fundamental conditions for all the new ranges of spotlights and lamps on our planet.

Based on LED technology, the aforementioned purposes have been fulfilled, since Solar lights present efficient lighting, which continues to evolve for the better. Many manufacturers and organizations, private and public, bet on this technology thanks to its development.

Ultimately, those who have the decision to purchase and use best solar street lights are customers.

Efficient best solar street lights for any space

The energy to light homes represents between 10% and 25% of the total electricity consumed.

Solar LED – Efficient lighting

At the environmental level, consuming less causes non-renewable resources to run out quickly, and consequently the emission of harmful gases is reduced.

On the other hand, in the economic sphere, many explanations are not important. If less electricity is consumed, the electricity bill will have a lower cost, an issue that is always favorable for any property.

Therefore, here we put 5 tips to achieve efficient lighting.

Analyze the location of the best solar street lights

It is common to find rooms in which the main light source illuminates the bed more than the desk. The painting of the environment and the use of natural light

They may seem absurd, but these aspects are important for efficient best solar street lights. Depending on the paint color of the room, the lighting may vary. For example, it is not the same to use dark tones for the walls of the classroom than for an office.

It is always wise to take advantage of the brightest places on the property to place the desk, work table, children’s room, living room or personal office.

  Using sensors and timers in best solar street lights

Using smart lamps that automate turning lights on and off can have a number of benefits. There are sensors that instantly identify when someone is in the room and turn on the lamps immediately. At the same time, using timers for the night is helpful.

        LED luminaires

Wherever possible, it is always necessary to replace incandescent luminaires with energy-efficient best solar street lights. Its energy consumption is lower. And despite its price, the duration and savings in electricity bills will quickly pay off the investment.


This investment becomes more profitable when lamps are common for many hours in certain spaces that always require efficient lighting, such as schools, factories, studios, offices, etc.

Difference between best solar street lights and energy saving lamps

If you plan to change the lighting in your property, it is essential that you choose those lamps that suit your needs, and therefore achieve efficient lighting.

Therefore, now that you know what efficient lighting consists of, we will tell you some differences between Solar lights and low consumption lamps.


Best solar street lights Shapes

Today, the market has a wide variety of lamps according to their shape and design. So we can find both types of lamps in different shapes and sizes. LEDs have stood out for their effectiveness and durability in public lighting systems, as well as recessed boxes for offices, not counting their spotlights for the home.

Why choose best solar street lights?

Compared to traditional bulbs or tubes, best solar street lights are much more efficient, as they consume less electrical energy to generate the same amount of illumination as conventional luminaires.

An LED luminaire consumes 80% less energy than an incandescent one.

This is due to the fact that LEDs do not produce as much heat as conventional luminaires; an LED barely produces 2% heat in relation to its operation. On the other hand, conventional ones produce more than 30% heat to function.

Useful life

The useful life of a lamp is the time that it can operate without melting, that is, the longer the useful life, the longer it lasts.

It is worth mentioning that once their useful life is over, conventional low-consumption lamps must be disposed of as hazardous waste, as they were manufactured with polluting gases.

Economic savings with best solar street lights

In relation to economic savings, both lamps make it possible to save on electricity bills thanks to the energy savings they provide. However, LED luminaires have shown to stand out in this aspect of efficient lighting compared to other lamps.

How to choose an LED lamp?

When choosing which best solar street lights to purchase to replace conventional incandescent or low-consumption ones, the design and price is not the only thing that should be reviewed.

Here are some of these features that will help you choose the device that produces efficient lighting:


Energy efficiency type: As in household appliances, it is a visual way of knowing how efficient a lamp is

Lúmen / w Efficiency : It is one of the keys to LED luminaires and their efficient lighting . It is usually between 40Lm / w and 90Lm / w, but it is important to choose at least 60 Lm / w.

Useful life

Lifespan: Indicates the number of hours the LED lamp will work efficiently

Power cycles: This is the number that represents the number of times the device is easy to turn on and off before it begins to fail.

4 Important Factors in best solar street lights

Starting time: The time that elapses until the lamp reaches 60% of its luminosity. In the case of LEDs, this is usually instantaneous.

Dimmable: If a lamp with a dimmer is to be common, it is necessary to ensure compatibility with automation systems.


Color temperature: This is calculated or measured in degrees Kelvin, replica watches

Performance index: One of the points by which best solar street lights stand out, this relates to the quality of light. Represents the reliability of light compared to natural light.

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