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7 Proven Tips to Buy Cheap Solar Light in 2021


Cheap solar light and its conversion to the LED bulb

If you already know the structure of cheap solar lights, you also need to know about the working principle of solar lights. Solar-powered lights such as: garden lights, indoor lights, pillar lights, floodlights, etc.

During the day lamps absorb solar energy and convert this energy to electrical energy. It is usually done only 6-8 hours. And during the nighttime, the light automatically turns off. The lighting time is 12-14 hours. According to a preset mode, the battery performance is preserved.

Install cheap solar lights in a few easy steps.

Once you have a good understanding of the components that make up cheap solar lights, you only need to spend 10 minutes installing the lights yourself in the most satisfactory way.

  • Firstly you have to prepare drill + drill bit
  • Secondly, ladder
  • Also screwdriver tool
  • Moreover, protective gloves
  • Finally, solar light set

Steps to install cheap solar lights

  • First, to install solar lights so that they can be used most effectively,
  • Then find a place to put these cheap solar lights.
  • Use the drill to drill into the marked position.
  • And then place the support rod and screw it tight.
  • Tilt the panel towards the sun.
  • Install the LED light
  • Place the bracket in the correct position for lighting
  • Moreover, mark the holes for mounting the light.
  • Finally, insert the LEDs into the marked holes, and fix the screws tightly.

Guide to using cheap solar lights and must-know tips!

Although the use of cheap solar lights is very simple, it absorbs energy and generates electricity safely, but that does not mean that you leave it alone to let it work. Here are some tips for you to use better.

Long-term dirt will build up a thick layer on the battery surface, which will make your panels less efficient at receiving solar energy. So for getting the best results of cheap solar lights clean them in proper time.

Put the lights in a place with a lot of sunlight to limit shade

To ensure efficiency when using solar lights, you should place the place where there is the most sunlight in your living space. Put the solar lights in a place with a lot of sunshine to limit shade so that these lights perform at their best.

Nearby, cheap solar lights can likewise work in obscure places yet not as viable and you may not get an entire night charge. If you have a sun-based light separate from a sun-powered charger and spot the sunlight-powered charger in direct daylight for better outcomes.

Let the panel lie slightly tilted and rotate to the South

You need to place the solar panel slightly up to the sky and rotate it to the South. This will help your solar panel absorb light very efficiently. Place the cheap solar led light 10 degrees southward.

The slant of the board is significant because your board will deliver the greatest energy when the sun is straightforwardly relative to them. Throughout the spring the best point is 45o Cand throughout the summers the sun is high in the sky its best to have a slant at 20oC

How to use energy lights for sunny days?

On rainy and sunny days, you can add a charging cable to connect the cheap solar light to the house and turn on the AUTO mode to make the light work automatically. With just a few very simple steps, the light can work normally, just like you are charging your phone.

Things to prepare to store energy batteries on a rainy day:

  • Charger: 4.2V – 2A
  • Extension cord 5-10 meters
  • Solar light set

Components needed and smart solar lights control

How to use cheap solar lights is very simple, just choose a good location to install the rest and it will work automatically. However, having a remote control will make us more active in using the lights’ features.

  • Plugin the charger in the house
  • The light is charging and when the charge is off

Information about remote solar lights

  • Firstly, the power button at the top: with the ON/OFF function using the product.
  • Next are buttons for cheap solar lights.
  • Also, light mode when it is dark and automatically turn off after 2 hours
  • The sensor mode button when there is a moving object lights up at full power
  • When there are no moving objects sensor button decreases by 50%
  • The mode button is always lit at 100% power.

Why is the cheap solar light not bright?

Many factors cause solar lights to stop working, low light, etc. Here are some common causes:

Cheap Solar Light 2021

  • Not enough sunlight:

This happens right from the moment you determine the correct placement of the panels. You should install the panel in an open place without shade. It must be inclined 10 degrees to the south.

  • Bottled battery:

This usually happens when the product you have been using for a while, absorbing and using energy often makes the battery too full or too low. The solution is extremely simple, you just need to replace the solar lamp battery or call Hotline: 0916.754.114 for specific instructions.

  • The battery cover has not been pulled:

The battery protective film has not been pulled. Newly purchased products often have a seal on the surface of the battery, this makes the solar panel not absorb light and the performance of cheap solar light reduces significantly, you need to check it before installation.

  • Dirty panels:

Dusty panels will reduce energy absorption efficiency a lot. So you need to regularly clean the panel at least once every 2 weeks.

A guide to the maintenance process of cheap solar lights

Almost all products have a warranty policy and so do cheap solar lights. Using solar lights for 1 time, you should warranty for better use. To help and support customers when the product has problems. Below is a brief overview of the warranty process.

  • Firstly, receive the product.
  • Secondly, clean the product, identify the error.
  • Then, replace with new components.
  • Test the product again for stability.
  • Finally, return the product to the customer.
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