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Can Twitter End Up Being Detrimental To Long-Distance Relationships?


Social media features completely changed how lovers in long-distance connections (LDRs) talk to one another.

But could Facebook be doing even more damage to LDRs than great?

Per a new study by connection charity OnePlusOne additionally the beginner area, one-third (36 per cent) of lovers think Facebook played part inside the breakdown of their particular LDR.

One-fifth (20%) of players said they broke up with their ex since they cheated and discovered it through photographs published to Twitter.

Fb is not truly the only social network triggering dilemmas.

“10 percent of individuals

also named Twitter as a culprit.”

In terms of cheating in your spouse while in an LDR, the majority (90 %) of individuals were of the identical view – making love with another person while in an LDR is not OK.

‘There are a number of aspects that contribute to creating a commitment work, irrespective of real length,” Hannah Green from OnePlusOne mentioned. “Whilst social media marketing provides opened up different options to remain in touch, it cannot change more personal looking for a manms of communication, that may show love and rely on of spouse.”

“It is usually the small gestures that matter like a book to state ‘Everyone loves you,'” she stated. “research indicates partners in an LDR exactly who meet one on one one or more times per month are more likely to last and become happy.”

Pic: lolzparade.com

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