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2022 Best Guide to Choose Bulk Solar Lights


How to choose the right solar street lamp?

Bulk Solar Lights

The energy of the Sun is the most powerful and the most sustainable. There are many advantages deriving from a choice of this type, practical, energy efficient and economical. There are lamps and bulk solar lights of all kinds. We are now focusing on solar street lamps for outdoor use. It is in illuminate gardens, avenues, streets, and parking lots, square.

What should be considered when choosing? What are the criteria to be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase?

Here is a summary of our tips

The first criterion for choosing the right solar street lamp base on the space is illumination.

 How wide are bulk solar lights?

How many square meters are we talking about? Is it a long and narrow path, or a large garden, a park, an entrance, a square?

It will the solar street lamp have to serve only to signal the passage or will it have to illuminate the area. Solar street lights are usually common in large spaces. They can cover an area of ​​several square meters. You can reach up to about 200/210 square meters at maximum power. Eventually, if installed at the correct distance between them. You will have a continuous flow of lighting.

For those, who need to shed light on medium or small spaces? The other bulk solar lights devices (spotlights, spotlights, projectors) recommend. Garden lanterns are also very popular, suitable for smaller spaces and for private homes.


There are also purely decorative lamps. In short, the range of solar lighting products is wide and is available on the market in different forms. It depending on the use, the possibilities are numerous. The first thing to do is therefore to be clear about your intended use.

The motion sensor in bulk solar lights

During the day, the solar-powered street lamp remains off. Furthermore, thanks to the sunlight, the photovoltaic panel recharges the internal batteries. In the evening the street lamp will turn on automatically. Lastly, thanks to the twilight function incorporated in all solar street lamps.

You can choose a bulk solar lights equipped with a motion sensor that increases in intensity. As well as it detects passage or presence. Motion sensors are usually applied at the entrance to homes. For example, they are activated when someone approaches the intercom) or along the paths and roads.

It does not need to be constantly illuminated at 100% all night. It only when someone is passing through.

The bulk solar lights equip with a motion sensor also have a safety function. Many install them in strategic points of their garden, to ward off thieves. There are also solar street lights. Which after the first few hours, decrease the light intensity by 75% and then increase when they detect a movement?

The brightness of bulk solar lights

The solar street lights ensure a clear view of the place and what surrounds them. On the basis of their intend use. It will be necessary to choose how much brightness you will need. They must illuminate a road with car traffic; must they guarantee visibility even in winter and with fog?

In these cases, you need to make sure you choose the right model. With all types of lighting, the intensity of outdoor solar lighting measure in lumens.


All solar luminaires have a different degree of autonomy. The fully charge battery can then turn the lamp on, even in bad weather, for a defined number of nights or hours. Furthermore, solar powered lighting is an anti-blackout lighting. It in the event of a power failure, you will continue to have light.

The design bulk solar lights

When it comes to furnishing elements, the eye also wants its part. Therefore, we must not forget the aesthetic aspect. Which in this case combine with high-performance materials resistant to bad weather?

There are solar street lamps of various types and sizes. Some are identical to a normal LED street lamp. It will not even seem to have installed a solar-powered lighting product, while others have the solar panel in evidence. Everyone has the choice, according to their needs and preferences! Furthermore, solar-powered devices do not emit violent light. It enhances details, creating magical atmospheres.

The installation of bulk solar lights

The installation of the bulk solar lights is very simple, thanks to the operation through solar energy. It does not need to be connecting to the electricity grid. Just fix it in the place chosen for installation. It usually fixes to a wall or pole. This feature makes the solar street lamps much use in inaccessible stretches. It is not possible to make excavations.
Bulk Solar Lights 2022

Obviously, the simplicity of installation also benefits private citizens who can opt for this lighting solution without having to carry out invasive interventions in the garden, on the terrace or along the avenue leading home, with lower costs for installation and maintenance.

Why do we need bulk solar lights?

For these reasons, solar street lamps can also be easily moved to be relocating elsewhere. Attention, there is an important precaution to keep in mind: the installation of bulk solar lights must study in order to position the lighting points in places.

With an outdoor sunlight, a sunny location is essential to make sure you recharge. A south, southeast orientation is ideal. Alternatively, models with a separate solar panel allow you to place the solar lighting in a place with little exposure to light.

Most Popular bulk solar lights

Powerful solar garden lights have become one of the most popular options for those looking to light up their outdoor space in recent years. This is due to several reasons which include practicality, savings and respect for the environment. These solar lamps, generally Led, work in a very simple way.

Powerful solar garden lights: which are the best in the home?

Bulk solar lights are among the most important products for those who have to furnish the outdoors. For this reason there are some criteria that influence the choice of the specific garden light. One of the aspects to take into consideration when choosing solar-power garden lamps is certainly given by the positioning that the lamps must have.

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