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Which is the best led solar street light factory in 2021?


led solar street light factory
In the led solar street light factory, another marginal area that is being developed very strongly and applied a lot in our lives is solar electric lights. It is because of their simplicity in operation and complete use.

Fully automatic, durable and comfortable and extremely safe, many residential areas, roads and bridges have common solar lights instead of conventional electric lights. So what are solar lights? What is its structure and working principle?


– Free lighting without spending a single electricity bill: The lights use electricity generated from solar energy, just need to be sunny, the lights can shine without using the grid to help users save electricity costs every month .

– Add beauty to your home:  With a variety of models, beautiful luxurious designs add beauty to your home

led solar street light factory

– Safe to use:  When using solar lights, you don’t need to have messy wires to avoid worrying about short-circuiting or broken wires, endangering yourself and everyone in your family.

– Intelligent operation:  led solar street light factory can automatically operate without needing to turn off and on every day. When it is dark, the light will automatically turn on, during the day the light will automatically turn off and recharge.


– Solar cell (Solar cell):  Includes many photovoltaic cells (Solar Cell – made from Silicon, a semiconductor material) that can absorb light energy from the sun, convert it they become electricity.

Solar flood lights: led solar street light factory

Battery storage (Battery):  This part of the lamp helps to store the energy obtained from the solar panel and provide energy for lighting and nighttime.


Charge controller (Controller):  The main function to cut off the current when the energy storage tank is full and charges from the charging plate. In addition, this unit also has the function of controlling light intensity, automatically turning on and off based on light and dark.

– LED Chip (Light Emitting Diode or Light Emitting Diode):  This is a super bright light with high energy saving properties. Lamp life is also very long (over 100 thousand hours of light).

– Remote control (Remove):  The control contains many function keys on the new generation solar lights to help users easily use the product.


– Absolute waterproof:  IP67 led solar street light factory rating helps protect and resist being submerged in water up to a depth of 1m, can be common in rain, storms, lightning protection without affecting performance lighting capacity.

– Light sensor mode:  When it is bright, the solar powered light will automatically turn off. When it gets dark, the lights will automatically turn on. It’s smart, scientific and convenient.

Using super bright led chip:  The energy light uses super bright SMD5730 LED chip, increasing the brightness by 35% compared to conventional LED bulbs and 10 times more than incandescent lamps.

High-performance poly panels: Polycrystalline panels for the ability to charge when it is sunny, the lamp only needs to be charged within 4-6 hours to fully charge.

Application of solar leds for streets

led solar street light factory  is common in lighting and decorative purposes for all outdoor areas: garden lighting, rural or urban street lighting, gate lighting, wall lighting, walkways, stairs… for homes residential, park, company, factory, shopping mall, shop, cafe, public lighting…

In addition to lighting, solar light bulbs are also common for decorative purposes, bringing aesthetics to garden spaces, walkways … Or they are also common for security purposes with lights with sensors. This technology is a smart lighting solution today to save costs & protect the environment…

People are racing to install solar power systems. Therefore, the birth of the service provided is very diverse. The search for a reputable and quality solar power system construction unit in Ho Chi Minh is currently interested by many people.

Frequently asked questions when choosing led solar street light factory

The demand for led solar street light factory has increased in recent times. Therefore, the people of the city could not help but ask a lot of questions related to this content. Below are some of the most common questions we ask:

Does the solar power system meet the household’s electricity demand? Regarding this issue, we would like to confirm that solar power can completely guarantee you. The solar battery system will absorb heat from the sun and convert it into electricity. These panels will comes with the corresponding charge to ensure the power used.

Is installing solar led light system tough?

– Are the equipment and accessories for installing solar power systems as complicated as many people think? We affirm that the structure of the power system is very simple. The led solar street light factory system includes: energy battery, inverter, battery, converter and controller… Therefore, the installation and use is extremely easy.
led solar street light factory 2021

What is the cost of solar led street light?

The cost of installation is expensive or not is also quite a lot of people are interested. However, the fact that the installation cost is relatively cheap, you only invest once and use it for decades.

This helps customers not only save money on electricity bills every month, but also take advantage of the abundant heat source of solar energy, and also contribute to solving the problem of scarcity of electricity in the future.

Currently on the market there are many consulting units installing solar power systems. It is not difficult for customers to find reputable quality units. One of the units that customers can hardly ignore is Anern.

Hire Professional led solar street light factory

Our unit is one of the leading units in the field of solar power. With a team of good professionals, highly skilled will help customers install a solar power system as desired. That is why you need reliable led solar street light factory.


In the packaging box of each product, there is a quick instruction sheet. It summarizes how to install the solar light corresponding to the packaged product. However, if you are still wondering and can’t figure it out, this article will have a more comprehensive view.

Moreover, it carries instructions on how to properly install solar lights including mounting methods for lights. Led phase and easy way to install street lights that anyone can do.

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