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How to avoid 120 led solar street light small mistakes in installation?


After a long day at work and an end of the day with the children, it would be nice to have a master street conducive to relaxation. To do this, it will be necessary to decorate the street and finish with work on the lighting. Indeed, the 120 led solar streets light play a large part in creating a special atmosphere in the parental street.

Here are some ideas for improving the lighting.

120 led solar street light

The basics of lighting in street

If the master street is not so spacious and if it serves only as a rest street with a single sleeping area, you can turn to lamps with reduced brightness. In this case, as soon as you step foot in the street, you won’t be waiting for hours to fall asleep. These lamps with reduced brightness are conducive to relaxation.

How to enhance 120 led solar street light?

If in the same street there is the sleeping area, the working area and the dressing area, it will be necessary to redouble efforts for the lighting.

To do this, illuminate the 120 led solar street light, the workspace with a fairly strong light which is not too aggressive either and the dressing area with intense and invigorating lighting. You should also choose wall lights as a secondary light so that the street is properly lit.

Main lighting

Even if you don’t have a large master street, you shouldn’t do without the main lighting. For this, you have the choice between ceiling lamps and pendant lights. To be in the era of the times, forget about ceiling lamps, although they can provide optimal lighting in the street.

Instead, opt for a pendant lamp and other light sources. You can also make this “pendant lights – other light sources” mix in other street s of the house.

How many types of 120 led solar street lights are there?

In this collection of pendant lights, there are endless models, but make your choice according to the style of decoration of the street. If you have installed industrial decorative elements in the master street, you can take 120 led solar street light.

To stay in a bohemian chic decoration, a rattan pendant lamp will do the trick. To bring a romantic touch to this master street, choose a Japanese ball.

You can also try light fixtures

In case your house has high ceilings, we advise you to turn to volume lighting. It makes quite a bit of sense that while these types of light fixtures that are like works of art appeal to you, you might not be able to pick them up if the ceilings are low. You also need to think about balance.

The road side 120 led solar street light


This is functional lighting located near the road. In the parents’ street, we are talking more about two road side lamps that will be placed on either side of the road. It would also be more practical to have lamps with a dimmer.

Thus, you can adjust the degree of 120 led solar street light brightness to be able to read correctly in road or simply to create a more zen environment. When choosing the road side lamp, make sure that the beam is directed towards the surface to be illuminated.

So passers will not be embarrassed when you turn on the lamp on your side. You can even take a road side lamp equipped with a not very aggressive pastel bulb or a contemporary adjustable lamp.

Functional led solar lighting

For this functional lighting near the road, you do not have to take road side lamps to place on each side of the road. It is possible to take sconces that you will install in the middle of the road. The advantage of this type of lighting is that it obtains uniform light. If you want even more originality, you can set up fluorescent tubes tinted in pink across the width of the road.

Other 120 led solar street light

You will see in the collection of 120 led solar street lights for the street, lanterns, night lights, wall lights and many other models. You tell yourself that if they are there, it is because they have a function in this parental street. Indeed, if the street is large and if you have arranged a few spaces, you can allow yourself other lighting.

For the reading or relaxation area, for example, you can put near the armchair a traditional table lamp, a hanging bare bulb or a wall lamp. If you have a small office in your street, you should also light up that space. Allow yourself a pretty lantern or a designer table lamp.

Do not forget the lighting of the Dark Places   

At this stage, you have already imagined several lights in the master street, but you still have to add to illuminate the dressing street. If you have a wardrobe, you don’t have to light it, but in the case of a large walk-in closet, you don’t really have a choice.

For the 120 led solar street lights to take, you can turn to recessed or fixed spotlights or even LEDs. Place these lights in strategic places to find your belongings directly. Next to the dressing street, if you have a mirror, you can also allow yourself an LED garland or exposed bulbs.

Watch out for small mistakes in 120 led solar street light

Even if you want to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in this master street, be careful not to under-light the street  . Therefore, two small lamps are not necessarily sufficient. These lights will not allow you to do certain activities such as reading. So other light sources are needed.


120 led solar street light 2021

Here too, do not get too carried away and fall into the over-lighting. Avoid overly aggressive fixtures. It makes more sense to stay on fixtures with diffused and soft lighting and general 120 led solar street light is strong enough to immerse the street in light.

It would also be ideal if you find general lighting with a dimmer, which will allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your activity.

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