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Anern-Marketing Vs Solar Flood Light Home Depot


Many people prefer to invest in a flood light for the numerous benefits that flood lights offer as a lighting solution. However, they often find themselves confused between buying solar flood light home depot or other reputable suppliers like the Anern Marketing.

If you are one of these people, this article is for you.

Not being able to decide whether you should buy flood lights from home depot or some other high-quality and affordable supplier is normal. But know that all that glitters is not always gold. And sometimes famous, high-end suppliers can leave you disappointed with their products.

This article will discuss solar flood lights and their benefits and see how solar flood lights at home depot compare with those from other well-reputed suppliers.

Solar Flood Light Home Depot

Solar Flood Light Home Depot and Anern Marketing: An Introduction

Flood lights are the lights that people commonly use outdoors. If you are looking for a flood light, you must have a playground, porch or other similar areas that needs illumination, right?

These lights are high intensity, wide beam angle luminaires that illuminate a wide area. They have a beam angle ranging from 50 to 120 degrees, and due to the broad-angle, their light covers a broad area.

The solar energy powers solar Flood light Home Depot or from any other supplier. They leverage the light energy from the sun rays and convert them into light. We will discuss more details about the working of solar flood lights in the next section.

The reason solar flood lights are gaining swift popularity is that they are very environment friendly, working on solar energy, not consuming natural resources. Moreover, when equipped with LED lights, these luminaires offer many other benefits that make them a favourite among users.

How Do Solar Flood Lights Work?

As promised in the previous section, here, we will explain how solar lights work.

Whether you buy solar flood light Home Depot or any other supplier, they all have the same working principle. However, the price difference might astound you. Anyway, getting back to the point, solar flood lights work on the photovoltaic principle.

The sunrays carry the energy, and when they strike something, they transfer energy to that surface. That is why a car sitting in bright sunlight in the summers gets hot. What solar cells do is use this energy to charge negatively charged particles called electrons.

Once the electrons are charged from solar energy, they start moving. And what do we call moving electrons? That’s right! Current. So, now you have current from the sunlight. What’s next?

This current goes into a battery and charges it. Meaning the moving electrons flow into the battery and sit there, charging the battery. When the sun goes down, these electrons come into play and power the light into illuminating the area.

In this way, the solar energy is stored in a battery through solar cells and powers solar appliances after the sunlight has diminished.

What Are the Benefits of Using Solar Flood Light, Home Depot or Anern Marketing?

Home depot and Anern Marketing both are renowned suppliers of solar-powered floodlights. And regardless of the supplier, solar flood lights have some inherent benefits that we will discuss in this section.

Solar Flood Lights Can Be Installed Remotely

The most significant benefit of the solar flood light and the primary reason for its popularity is that you can install them anywhere. You don’t need proximity to the mains electric supply as solar lights do not run on conventional electricity.

This feature makes solar flood light the most suitable option for illuminating all areas, including remote areas like construction sites, where they eliminate noisy generators’ need. And in parks and gardens, where they remove the requirement for digging the ground to connect with the underground power supply.

Seamless Integration with Technology

The features of floodlights multiply when they integrate with modern technology. Solar flood lights from Anern Marketing offer seamless integration with technology. So, you can use them with motion sensors to serve as security lighting, where they will illuminate as soon as they sense an intruder.

Similarly, you can put up a security camera with your floodlight as well. And it will start serving as an illuminated CCTV camera, keeping your property safe.

Cost Saving

Solar energy is free, and so is running solar-powered floodlights. All you have to do is make a one-time investment and enjoy minimal electricity bills for the rest of your life.


If you are an environmentalist, you would love the solar flood light even more. Because these lights don’t work on conventional electricity, they don’t rely on non-renewable energy resources for power, thus reducing the load on these resources.

Moreover, running on a green energy resource, these lights also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Flood Light: Home Depot Vs Anern Marketing

The previous section discussed the shared benefits of solar flood light home depot and Anern Marketing. In this section, we will highlight the benefits that are inherent to Anern Marketing only.

The features that make Anern Marketing Flood Lights better than Home Depot are:


Let’s begin with the warranty. When investing in anything, we need some assurance that the appliance will perform as we expect it to. For this, manufacturers give a warranty.

Anern Marketing floodlights come with a five-year free manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, these lights illuminate your surroundings and give you the mental peace of knowing that your money will not go to waste.

Home Depot, on the other hand, offers only a year’s warranty on its electronic appliances. And to add to it, this warranty is not free. You must buy insurance along with the appliance to be able to use the warranty.

Easy Access

Anern marketing enables you to save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills by making it easier for you to buy their floodlights online on their website or through a third-party retailer.

Home Depot does not offer such ease of access as there are many areas from where you cannot even access their website, let alone buy their products.

Long Working Hours

Anern marketing solar floodlight has long working hours, and it can keep your outdoors illuminated for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Moreover, these lights also prove to be an excellent long term investment as they have a life of 50,000 operational hours. This means they will keep shining on for around eleven years if you use them for twelve hours per day. That’s more than a decade!

Good Quality

Anern Marketing offers affordable solar lighting solutions, but that does not mean they compromise quality.

From the light’s housing to the LED chips, every component of the Anern Marketing solar flood light is top-notch quality.

With a greater than 80 CRI, the light has a high colour rendition index. It has a lithium-ion battery that can store charge and power your light through two rainy days.

Moreover, it has a die-cast aluminium radiator for efficient heat dissipation and is rated IP-65, making it perfect for withstanding the rough weather conditions outdoors.

To vouch for all these qualities, Anern Marketing solar flood lights also carry RoHS, CE, and ISO certificates.

Solar Flood Light Home Depot

To Sum It Up

Solar Flood Lights anerna marketing or from any other manufacturer is becoming a necessity as they promise reduced carbon footprint, low running cost, and a long life with minimal maintenance.

No matter how many benefits the solar flood lights from home depot and Anern Marketing share, certain factors put lights from Anern Marketing ahead of Home Depot.

Anern Marketing gives a free five-year warranty with its solar floodlights. While home depot makes you buy the warranty. Moreover, Home Depot products are not easily accessible, as opposed to Anern Marketing‘s lights, which you can buy from anywhere.


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