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5 Awesome Facts about All in one Street Light


All in one street light is an important and increasingly popular product line. Consumers’ attention to solar lights is getting higher and higher, attracting more consumers’ attention and inquiry. Thus, whether to wholesale solar lights and how to buy and sell this type of light, is a question many people planning to do business raise.

First of all you have to understand what is a solar light?

All in one Street Light

Want to do business, retail or wholesale solar lights or any other product on the market today. You really need to note, learn and research about your product is the minimum that every business has to do. So what is a solar lamp is this product being chosen by many schools?

All in one street light work on the principle of converting light energy into electricity. There is a source of electricity to supply lights for lighting at night thanks to their solar batteries. Constructed from solar panels, light poles, connecting cables, batteries or chargers, controllers and led bulbs.

It is thanks to using the light of the sun, which is an infinite, clean and natural energy source. Furthermore, it attracts a lot of attention from users with this advantage.

The advantages of wholesale solar lights

As a technology product of the future, the wholesale of solar lights is a good product for customers in the market. These are definitely the advantages for you to choose business:

The product line appears a lot on the market today, is used and appreciated by many people for the quality and reputation of this product line.

Many designs from ancient to modern to suit most preferences as well as architectural designs of each homeowner.

We are reliable all in one street light Manufacturers

It is easy to find reputable all in one street light distributor with very good preferential prices in the country.

Moreover, it is also an indispensable condition that the demand of customers for this solar light product line is increasing because of the outstanding advantages that it brings.

Why are solar lights so sought after and loved by consumers?

Not only are they environmentally friendly, safe to use, and increase the aesthetics of the city and family premises, but they are also loved by:

Diverse in models and designs:

Based on different uses, solar lights craft by artisans to create distinct designs. Whether they are street lights, garden lights, gate posts or special functions, they are suitable and convenient.

With the use of unlimited clean energy from nature, it has contributed significantly to the monthly electricity bill. Moreover, all in one street light saves the cost of consumable electricity like that of conventional lights.

With many uses and benefits that solar lights bring, it deserves to be a modern and very promising product line in the future.

Is choosing wholesale solar lights the right step for you now and in the future?  

On our planet today are using natural to man-made energy sources to generate electricity but most have their own limitations. The only source of energy from the sun is the most optimal and effective that most places have. These are both friendly, safe for humans and nature.

The winch solar light is a future-oriented product line with many advantages and disadvantages that we have analyzed above. Having made it win a lot of love from customers, it is a decisive factor to help your customers.

Surely many households using all in one street light always ask the question: “How can my lights be durable and long-lasting?” Solar lights are becoming more and more popular with people’s lives.

But not everyone is good at issues related to electrical and electronic equipment. Therefore, the following are measures to improve the life of underground led lights solar energy, thereby saving maintenance costs in the best way.

The impact of natural weather factors and the duration of sunlight

If you live in a tropical climate, you can use energy lights all year round, because this area always has the sun operating continuously all year round.

But if you are in a temperate climate one thing you probably know is that there are 4 seasons in a year the amount of sunshine also changes with the seasons. In the summer, all in one street light is most effective.

All in one Street Light 2022

In addition, the effects of storms and heavy rain also significantly affect the electricity output of the panels. This is a fact that you or anyone using solar lights knows.

All in one street light is Reliable

Not to mention where it snows, snowfall leads to a thick layer on the panel that it is not able to handle on its own. Leading to completely useless panels, not to mention they do not work effectively under cold temperatures, difficult to maintain charge.

The huge impact on battery life makes the battery quickly damaged without accumulating charge, reducing efficiency of use and increasing repair and maintenance costs. That’s why we recommend that you keep your all in one street light if you don’t need them in the harsh winters.

Cleaning and processing solar underground led lights

This causes the panel to not receive enough light to charge the battery, reducing the efficiency of energy production. Therefore, make sure that you always check and clean them regularly, to remove the dirt so that they function in the best possible way.

Replace the battery that accumulates energy

The most obvious thing about our solar lights having problems is looking at the light bulbs that are working stably or not. If our bulbs are not working properly, the short lighting time is not necessarily a big problem. And you don’t necessarily get rid of it and get a new one instead because it’s just a matter of storage.

The solar panels can last up to 30 years. Similarly, the average LED light bulb shines for 8 hours a day, they can last up to 17 years. So the problem is not in the two most important parts of the solar lights, but in the battery that stores the electricity.

How does all in one street light operate?

All in one street light has the same operating principle as rechargeable devices. We use up all the electricity. We can recharge them to continue using. The sunlight that reaches the panels generates an electric current and store in the rechargeable battery.  And it provides you with light at night.

They keep operating in such a cycle. In the long run, the battery’s lifespan decreases.  And there is no longer enough room to store the original power. The storage battery can only last for 2 years, so by that time, you should replace the battery to make the solar led work in the most efficient and optimal way.

Use solar underground led lights for the right purpose

Choosing the right solar led ground light for the right application is the best way. Similarly, it is to make good use of its value. Determine what kind of lights you need to illuminate what areas you need and for what purpose.

Everything should be clear and well-placed. For example, if lamp has a capacity of 50W, you should choose a 100W battery. It is to achieve the most possible efficiency your for your lights. Moreover, this not only helps you to use it properly, but also helps it to improve its lifespan.

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