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All in one solar led street light price: Best Solar Led System 2021


All in one solar led street light price
Solar lights are a product that is being applied this technology in life. You should know all in one solar led street light price before buying it.  As this type of light gradually attracts the attention of customers, the most asked question now is: How to install and use solar lights for the most effective and optimal? Let’s find the answer to this question with Phuong Nam Solar in the article below!

Charge the battery before use

When you first receive the solar lights from the seller, you should not use them immediately; this may reduce the efficiency and life of the lights. First of all, you should spend time charging the battery with solar energy until it reaches its maximum capacity (about 10 – 12 hours of full sunlight). After that, you put the lamp into trial operation to check the efficiency and quality of the bulb.

This will optimize the battery’s performance, giving it a better charge cycle later on!

Clean the all in one solar led street light panels regularly

Obviously, the cleaner the panel, the more energy it will draw, the better and longer the light will shine. If you buy all in one solar led street light price, you can save more. But after a period of use, the panels often tend to get dusty, fade and this will of course prevent the panel from receiving enough sunlight.

Therefore, we recommend that you clean the panel regularly; possibly using a dry cloth, warm soapy water or regular glass cleaner to remove all types of dirt and debris. In addition, when the battery is new, you can apply a layer of glossy paint to the surface to protect the battery surface clearly, avoiding scratches.

Replace when the battery is too old

When the battery is too old, scratches will appear, fade over time, light absorption efficiency also decreases, now you can replace it with a new genuine battery, compatible with your lamp. themselves to increase lamp efficiency.

How to install the all in one solar led street light?

Installation will vary depending on the type of solar light you have purchased, as the terrain and surrounding conditions need to be researched.

For example: For the need to install lights with light shining from above, you must determine the appropriate distance and height to ensure the most effective and effective light distribution.

Before buying all in one solar led street light price select a final location. You should leave them in direct sunlight for at least a day and check to make sure they are in good working order.

Where to install all in one solar led street light?

Moreover, most light panels can sense light, if placed too close together, one of the lights will not turn on because it has sensed a light source nearby.

Area should not be used

Solar lights can be used in many different locations, but there are also some places where the use of lights is not very effective, including:

– Areas with more than half a year of rainfall, high humidity, weaker sunlight, and electrical equipment are also prone to moisture, short, and damage.

Solar flood lights

– Areas that do not receive sunlight during the day, your lamp will become useless because it does not absorb energy.

– Lights placed in a place where there is too much movement of objects will activate the motion sensor continuously and discharge the battery faster than usual, so please consider before choosing to install the light here.

Basic understanding of solar power system

Typically, a solar power system consists of the following parts:

  • Solar battery pack system
  • The converter converts direct current to alternating current (Inverter)
  • Electrical cabinet box
  • Remote monitoring software via internet smartphone
  • Bracket and some accessories included
  • 2-way electric meter
  • Power reserve battery

There are three models of solar power construction as follows:

– On-grid: Solar power system connected to the grid

– Off-grid: Independent solar power system

– Hybrid: A grid-tied solar power system with storage

Each all in one solar led street light price system will have different advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the actual conditions to choose construction and installation.


How to choose the right solar battery pack?

– Determine the number of solar panels to use

To determine this, you should rely on 3 main factors:

+ Time and level of sunshine at the expected installation site:

The more sunlight the place has, the more electricity the solar panel will generate. That means, places with more sunshine will need less panels and vice versa.

+ Estimated power consumption:

Of course, the more electricity the place uses, the more solar panels will be needed.

+ all in one solar led street light price capacity selection:

For example: A 1kWh all in one solar led street light price, will need about 5-6 panels of 200W capacity or 4 panels of 330W capacity. To determine this technical problem, it is best to contact Green Solar for the most accurate advice.

Choosing a battery pack plays an important role for the entire solar power system

Determine the right type of solar battery

Currently, there are quite a few types of solar batteries on the market; some of the most familiar names are as follows:

Mono solar panels:

Rated as the best energy battery line. Mono battery is made of crystalline silicon material, with extremely high power conversion efficiency. Therefore, even in harsh weather conditions, Mono panels can overcome all.

Mono battery is also the first choice for solar power construction in industrial parks and production areas due to its large electricity consumption. Of course, quality comes with a price tag. It is not difficult to understand when the price of Mono panels is always at the top of the table.
All in one solar led street light price 2021

+ Poly solar panels:

Made of polycrystalline silicon material, cheaper than Mono batteries, but not as efficient. However, if in a place with high solar radiation, the total efficiency of Poly and Mono batteries is not much different from each other. Therefore, Poly batteries will be the optimal choice when it can save you about 10% of costs.

Summary all in one solar led street light price

Thin film all in one solar led street light price panels: the cheapest, high performance but takes twice the installation area, and degrades quickly. You should consider carefully when choosing to buy products.

Amorphous energy panels: high efficiency, and the price is very similar to Poly batteries, suitable for installation in small families.

Pay attention to some other factors such as photovoltaic cells, support frame, glass surface….

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