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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Powered Street Lights


For these reasons we will mention the most common questions that arise when you want to buy solar powered street lights.

There is no doubt that for many people that today these LED luminaires are the best replacement for traditional lamps, since they provide the same brightness, on other occasions, they use less energy and their costs have been decreasing with the passage of time. The years, generating even more savings for its long period of useful life.

Are solar powered street lights expensive?

No, specialists in the manufacture and sale of LED lighting explain that these technological devices are relatively new. So acquiring this kind of lights will produce energy and economic savings due to its efficiency in terms of energy use.

Does LED lighting have less power than traditional lighting?

No, although these LED luminaires have a lower energy consumption than incandescent lamps, their light capacity has the same brightness and range, even more, since some can be regulated.

For example, its 5-watt bulbs illuminate the same as conventional 50-watt bulbs.

How long is the lifespan of solar powered street lights?

The life span of LED luminaires is longer than that of conventional ones. In general, LEDs have an average life of two years, which is double compared to traditional ones.

Why choose solar powered street lights instead of fluorescent luminaires?

Fluorescent luminaires are common for a long time, as they were the first generation of alternative lamps. However, as with many technologies, fluorescent lights were overtaken by better technology, in this case solar powered street lights. Fluorescent lighting takes longer to warm up, so it may appear dim if it has not reached full brightness.

How is it that LED lighting uses less energy?

Incandescent lighting generates light by heating a small filament until it glows with certain intensity. The downside is that practically all of your energy consumption is lost through heat.

On the other hand, LED luminaires work due to the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, this process generates little heat. They reach the same brightness as incandescent lighting using less energy.

Why are these solar powered street lights environmentally friendly?

LED lighting is considered eco-friendly due to the minimal amount of electricity it needs to operate. Likewise, using LED luminaires is a friendly action with the environment because they do not use harmful chemicals such as fluorescent lamps, in addition to the fact that their fusion with solar energy is generating even more advantages in today’s world.

Solar powered street lights

This type of solar powered street lights have all the necessary components to obtain, accumulate and transform the sun’s rays into electricity and emit light at night. It is possible to place them in the most remote places because they do not require wiring, so they have been a great option for public lighting.

Solar LED lighting for street lighting

Like LED luminaires, solar lamps for public lighting are becoming more popular in the market. This is due to various factors. It includes the fact that these systems represent renewable energy alternatives in terms of “green” electricity generation.

What are the advantages of LED lighting with solar systems?

It never hurts to mention the fact that this type of solar LED lighting is ecological, as it does not require an external power source.

Components of solar lighting systems

The components that an LED lighting system with photovoltaic energy needs are:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar controller
  • Drums
  • Light source / LED luminaires
  • Solar poles
  • Lamp housings

We should note that in some cases it is necessary to configure the inverter.

How long are the solar lamps on at night?

Solar powered LED lighting systems operate between 8 and 10 hours a day. It is also possible to program the controller for use according to the needs of each environment.

Do batteries require a charger for solar powered street lights?

The deep cycle batteries typically used in these systems are recharged through solar radiation that captures the photovoltaic panels. For these reasons they do not need an extra charge.

What kind of lamps do solar lights use?

For greater efficiency, LED lamps are the ones that are used as standard in photovoltaic outdoor lighting systems. LED lighting is famous for operating up to 100,000 hours, so these maintenance costs are also saved on such equipment.

Does solar powered LED lighting need maintenance?

In general, solar powered street lights do not require maintenance. It prevents direct light capture and reduces the optimal performance of the panels.

Does rain affect photovoltaic systems?

No, these systems are manufactured to resist rain, for this reason they are used in public lighting. The components that these systems have are waterproof and have the necessary ISO protection, so it is not necessary to worry about these aspects.

Low consumption

These LED lamps have a longer useful life compared to traditional luminaires. This is because LEDs consume up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting.

Quality lighting

The quality of light offered by these luminaires is practically perfect. It is adjustable in several of its modes and in general its ignition is immediate and does not require heating time.

Warm white lighting

This type of LED lamps can generate a warm and cozy atmosphere in any place.

How does warm white lighting help?

Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere in the work area, in the kitchen or in the garden, no matter the place, this is possible by using solar powered street lights.

That is why lighting specialists offer this type of LED lamps, which have the proper regulation for the needs of users.

Clarifications about LED lighting

There are many myths and misconjectures about LED lamps. For these reasons we will focus on clarifying these situations so that users fully know why they should change their traditional luminaires for light-emitting diode luminaires.

Why choose solar powered street lights?

Today’s solar powered street lights come in the same sizes and shapes, and can have the same applications as conventional luminaires, even more and with better quality. At the same time there is a wide range of new and better designs and pure and elegant light effects, ranging from warm white to cool natural light.

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