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Is 80w solar led street light cheapest way to save electricity bills?


80w solar led street light
Saving the green environment is our common message in this period. In response, we have many solutions: use paper bags, do not litter… and installing 80w solar led street light.

Using renewable electricity from natural energy is the perfect choice. So what do you need to know to install a solar power system?

  • Energy source to protect the environment
  • Electricity demand and desired cost savings rate

The cost of installing a solar power system is also quite high. So first you need to determine what your power needs are?

You can review your electricity bills for the past one year, which will help the installation technicians accurately calculate the most suitable solutions for you.

You can even make a profit by calculating the cost of saving electricity when using solar power.

How to arrange solar 80w solar led street light panels?

The arrangement, layout and installation of 80w solar led street light is also a dilemma.

To achieve good performance, you should discuss with technical experts to come up with a reasonable installation location. Depending on the design of your house – your factory, there will be different installation methods.

We should note that that the battery should not be installed in a vertical direction or too steep to affect sunlight exposure.

Do not install too flat, leading to water or dirt on the panel.

Suggested ideal mounting angle for mounting panels is 10 to 15 degrees.

How much does it cost to install a solar power system?

The 80w solar led street light installation cost also makes many people consider when they want to switch to using solar power.

The system gives you electricity for the whole house – the whole workshop throughout.

We are committed to installing a solar power system that is extremely affordable for you. With a team of professional technical staff – absolute safety for your home’s electrical system.


Choose the right type of battery for 80w solar led street light

-The market has 2 popular types of batteries: Mono solar cells and Poly solar cells.

-Mono solar cells have higher efficiency and higher cost than Poly. Moreover, Areas with low radiation such as the North should use Mono batteries,

In 2020, we not only experience the Covid pandemic, but nature also tells a sad story. Furthermore, Natural disasters and global warming are things that the whole world is very worried about. Therefore, people tend to live greener, take care of the environment.

80w solar led street light is a Clean energy source

Clean energy sources are not too strange anymore; solar electricity is a source of supply that never runs out. Similarly, in the near future, countries will limit electricity generation from coal and will prioritize the use of clean energy sources.

So how is the crazy energy from the sun obtained?

First we need to understand what is 80w solar led street light energy? When the sun shines, it produces light and heat radiation. We take advantage of that to produce electricity through technologies; there are 2 ways to collect electrical energy:


  • Directly by using photovoltaic (PV)
  • Indirectly by using concentrated solar power Center (CPS)

We will need glass panels (mirrors), solar cells to collect heat as well as light radiation from the sun to convert into electricity.

Benefits of using solar energy

The report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has confirmed that solar power is the cheapest electricity. Moreover, renewable clean energy sources are on the way of growth and development.

When solar power is industrialized, the cost will decrease, suitable for everyone to use.

Why is the cost of clean energy falling?

Solar energy is more and more trusted and common by more and more people.  The State has guiding policies on supporting people in installing solar power systems.

Many construction units install solar power systems. Anern is one of the members involved in this work. There have been many units providing equipment and construction materials.

Save nature when using solar 80w solar led street light energy

In the future, when the world’s natural resources are depleted. Responding to the call for help from nature, countries increasingly focus on using clean energy sources. In addition, at that time, solar energy was considered a natural and human-friendly energy source.

Is the cost of installing solar energy in this period reasonable?

– The solar industry is increasingly developing in the production of equipment. Moreover, installing a 80w solar led street light system is getting simpler and easier to do. Moreover, the cost of installing solar power systems has decreased over the years.

– Many people who install this solar power source have broken even in the time of use.

What do you use the extra energy for 80w solar led street light?

Solar panels have a long life, you don’t have to worry about them being easily damaged by the elements of nature. Solar panel manufacturers, conduct tests to ensure that your panels will resist the wear and tear of nature such as leaves and birds perching on the panels.
80w solar led street light 2021

Do solar panels installed on the roof need regular cleaning?

Almost you do not need to care about them during use. When it rains, the rainwater will clean for you. Solar energy helps you save money on electricity costs, why don’t you consider using solar energy?

Using solar energy – it’s easy!

– The benefits of using solar energy are recognized by reputable domestic and foreign organizations. You can get references from solar installers you know.

Why install solar power?

– Solar energy is a green – clean – environmentally friendly energy source. Currently, this energy source is being widely common around the world – When using products related to solar energy, you can rest assured about the problem of environmental pollution. Solar energy will bring you a clean – safe and pollution-free living environment.

Benefits of using solar energy

When using 80w solar led street light energy, it will eliminate a lot of unnecessary costs.

Thanks to the green energy that nature offers. Air pollution factors such as greenhouse gas emissions will be better improved.


And in a modern society, environmental pollution is always common. If the air source causes too much pollution, it will reduce the healthy life of people. The 80w solar led street light product line has almost overcome and blown away the fear mentioned above. Solar energy is becoming more and more popular.

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