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8 Tips to Choose Best Solar led Street Light Manufacturers


Installation instructions for solar flood lights

Solar led Street Light Manufacturers

For the solar led street light manufacturers, the installation is quite simple because the design has only 2 details including the bulb and the removable battery panel.

1. So Install the panel:

Install the solar panel in a sunny place that is not obscured by the shade, with a sufficient tilt in the direction of the sun.

Install solar lights

Use a wall drill to drill the 2 marked holes, then put the support bar, then close the switch down with a hammer to make it tight.

The Solar led street light manufacturers leave the panel in an outdoor location where it can absorb the best sunlight, then tighten the screws and adjust the angle of the tilt towards the sun.

2. Drill a hole to close the light fixture: solar led street light manufacturers

The illustration below is 4 steps to drill holes to close the switch and hang the led floodlight on the wall inside the house.

So Install solar lights at home

– Locate the lamp mounting position and continue drilling and screwing the same way as installing the battery panel.

– Tighten the screws tightly to fix the lights, adjust the lighting angle accordingly.

  1. Connect the signal wire

The signal wire is very well designed to be waterproof, so when connecting the two ends, please tighten the connection, especially outdoors to avoid water penetration.

How to install solar street light: solar led street light manufacturers

For integral solar lights

Integral solar lights are quite easy for solar led street light manufacturers to construct and install. It is because of their seamless monolithic design with two sides being one side of the lamp and one side of the battery. This is neat but a bit inconvenient when adjusting the direction of the light to the street but the direction of the battery avoids the sun.

– Install the integrated lamp into the lamp holder

The lamp has a hole in the base so that the lamp stand can be inserted and screwed in a quick and simple way

Solar light installation instructions

– Mount the lamp stand on the wall

Fix the lamp holder to the wall or an existing lamp post by drilling holes and turning screws. Then use the remote control to adjust the modes of the lights. Try to tilt the light so that the battery can get the most sunlight while still shining on the road.

– Install the lamp holder

solar led street light manufacturers Install the bulb with the lamp shank with the coupling and then tighten the screw to prevent it from coming off. Make sure to tighten the screw to fit your hand and the correct type of screw attached to make the light stronger.

  1. Install the support bar behind the panel
  2. Connect the small support bar on the back of the panel

– Insert the battery into the lamp holder: solar led street light manufacturers

Install the battery panel on the lamp base so that it has a moderate inclination, this is also the advantage of the removable lamp model because it is possible to adjust the degree of the battery and the lamp to different custom angles for greater efficiency.

– Connect the panel to the light bulb

Thread the wire inside the hard tube of the lamp body, and then attach the connector between the battery and the lamp together, now the lamp can work and only one step left. You can ask solar led street light manufacturers for any help.

– Fix the light fixture on the wall

Drill a hole to mount the light on the wall and enjoy your work, now what you hold in your hand is just a small remote to be able to control all modes of the light.

Solar led Street Light Manufacturers 2021

Notes when installing solar lights and storing

– Note the installation position of the solar panels and face the solar panels outdoors to absorb the best sunlight.

– When installing solar lights, it is necessary to choose a place that is open and free of obstacles such as trees or shade, affecting the ability to charge energy from the sun.

– Do not install energy lights close to normal high-pressure bulbs because when it gets dark, these lights will turn on automatically, because under AUTO mode, just light will do. Charge and turn off the lights.

– Please do not connect the solar panel beyond 6V to avoid damage to the solar lights

– Please do not connect 220V AC.

– Similarly, Please pay attention to fix the solar panels to avoid falling

– Moreover, do not disassemble the solar lights arbitrarily to avoid affecting the maintenance.

solar led street light manufacturer’s Instructions

– In order not to affect the use of solar lights, dust and debris on the surface of the solar panel is cleaned after 3 months

– Regularly check to see if the ends of the connecting wires are broken

– Solar lights contain batteries, batteries are recyclable. Please don’t throw it away

– According to solar led street light manufacturers , the battery must be fully charged. Then can use more than 12h.

Why to install led solar street light system?

There is sunshine all year round. However, the wind and solar power industry has only recently developed. Although the benefits that bring immense as in saving consumption costs. However, if you want to build a solar power system, what do you need to calculate and prepare? This question is of interest to many people.

Rules in the construction of solar power systems

First: Conduct a topographic survey. power quality factors, transmission lines, substations need to be ensured

Second: It is necessary to ensure the quality and origin of materials, not to use components of unknown origin for the system to operate in the most stable and safest way.

Third: Choosing a contractor with experience in solar power is a place you can trust

Fourth: Professional experience in solar power and state grid is required to be able to perform installation

Fifth: For high performance and efficiency. It is necessary to calculate the direction of placing the panels when installing a solar power system, so that the degree of sun protection is the most

Sixth: INVERTER is also a very important part, so it is necessary to follow the instructions of the distributor to ensure operating conditions and safety.

Always Choose Reliable solar led street light manufacturers

Seventh: Choose a suitable solar led street light manufacturers to safely protect electrical cabinets, panels, and grid systems when problems occur. It is necessary to design a lightning protection system on the transmission line.


Eighth: All connectors need to be sealed with insulating tape, press the terminal before putting into operation.

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