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7 Steps to install 90w led solar street light System in 2021


Working principle of solar led lights

The principle of operation of the 90w led solar street light system is actually quite simple. Just collect solar energy and turn it into photovoltaic light to use.

LED lights are turned on thanks to the smart controller.

What types of solar LED lights are there?

Solar lighting technology has developed quite strongly and has many diverse models.

  • Solar flood lights.
  • Moreover, Solar lights.
  • Similarly, Solar lantern.
  • In addition, Solar powered light pole.
  • Ambient and decorative solar lights.
  • Solar powered motion lights.
  • Furthermore, Lighting the way with solar energy.
  • 90w led solar street light

Advantages of solar led lights

Environmentally friendly solar energy: through the use of local energy, it helps to reduce the depletion of environmental resources.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source. Moreover, the sun is a natural condition in the living environment. That’s why you can’t get it to serve life.

Solar led lighting systems require very little maintenance: you just enjoy the efficiency created by natural energy

90w led solar street light systems come in many varieties: solar led lights. Furthermore, there are many types, designs, shapes, and sizes of the sky. With technology developed to serve the essential needs, today it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Power 90w led solar street light

– Through the above article, we would like to send you some useful information. Let’s build a healthier life together and say no to environmental pollution. If you have enough conditions, buy yourself a solar LED light system to help you live a healthy life.

The tropical climate creates favorable conditions to take advantage of solar radiation to create an unexpected source of electricity.
Similarly, it’s time for us to slow down to look at the environment around us, to slow down a bit to think about our habits – our daily life. Don’t wait until it’s too late for a change. Furthermore, “The Earth Needs You – The Environment Needs You”.

7 steps to install a detailed and effective 90w led solar street light system

Step 1: Install the bracket for the solar panel

  1. The rack frame is the core part of the solar power system; it is a solid “leg” to support the entire system.
    Therefore, the mounting part of the bracket from the design stage is solid and meticulous, often using aluminum and powder coating to ensure electrical safety as well as anti-corrosion.
  2. Frames and brackets of 90w led solar street light need to be fixed and fixed on the roof.
  3. The orientation and inclination of the stand is equally important, the ideal inclination to place the panel is 45 degrees.
  4. Placing the panels in the South direction will absorb maximum solar heat; the East and West directions also have a good amount of light.
  5. Should not be placed in the North, so the amount of sunshine in this direction will not be much.

Step 2: Assemble the solar panels on the bracket frame


After having the frame of the rack, we start to place and connect the rack to the solar panels.
Need to install the most fixed and accurate comes from the brain – bolts. Attention to detail prolongs the life of the electrical system.

Step 3: Connect the wiring: 90w led solar street light

– Wiring the wires with the battery is not too complicated and difficult. But do not rush to cause errors.
– To connect a series of panels, you will have to connect the positive wire from one panel to the negative wire of another panel.
– To connect one panel to another (parallel wiring), you connect the positive wire to the positive wire and the negative wire to the negative wire.
– Parallel wiring helps maintain the voltage of each panel while connecting a series of panels increases the voltage to accommodate a large number of panels.

Step 4: Connect the 90w led solar street light panel to the inverter

– After connecting the 90w led solar street light wires with the panels, we will connect from the panels to the inverter.
– Connect the positive wire of the solar panel to the positive pole of the inverter, do the same with the negative wire and the negative pole.
– Moreover, make sure the inverter is turned off while you are connecting the mains wiring.

Step 5: Connect the inverter to the solar panel

Solar battery is a place to store solar power.
– The battery will be connected to the inverter to receive electricity from the solar panel and the grid system.
– Connect the positive end of the battery to the positive terminal of the inverter and vice versa.

Step 6: Connect the inverter to the 90w led solar street light grid

After connecting the battery (battery) to the solar panels. We need to connect the inverter to the grid.
Moreover, we can switch to metering and the state electricity grid.
Similarly, the amount of electricity we consume from solar electricity will be measured by the meter. The difference in electricity use, when using less, the state will pay us back.

90w led solar street light provides a well spread lighting, super suitable for different environments. Furthermore, there are some variations of watts according to the needs of each environment.

Step 7: Start the inverter and start using the device

– Moreover, after completing the above steps, turn on the power again and observe the solar energy data taken and used during the day.

Overlap street Ceiling

The street Light Overlay is a very sophisticated lighting item that offers excellent lighting. We should apply it on walls, plaster, wood, PVC ceilings, among others. In addition to its energy savings (about 80% reduction in electricity bills), it also features a smart fit design.


The ideal square 90w led solar street light will vary for each environment, decoration style and size, whether in your home or apartment. It is important to evaluate the technical specifications, size, power and ideal installation style to meet your needs.

Furthermore, the important thing is to ensure that when buying the ideal LED ceiling light to compose the lighting in the environment, you choose a brand that offers quality, efficiency and guarantee.

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