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7 Proven Benefits of 100 watt led solar street light


How solar-powered lights work?

100 watt led solar street light

The range of applications for 100 watt led solar street light is gradually expanding. If earlier they were popular among private homeowners. Now this technique is used by utilities that create lighting in large cities, as well as commercial enterprises – to illuminate large areas and objects.

Such popularization is associated with financial benefits: lamps use solar energy to operate – this is one of the most affordable lighting devices.

Design and principle of operation 

A standard device consists of three elements:

  • the solar panel;
  • rechargeable battery;

100 watt led solar street light comes above the bell surface. A voltage converter places in the lantern itself, the battery comes in a sealed case.

During the day, energy stores by the solar panel. Later, it converts into electrical energy that feeds the built-in battery. As a result, the luminaire functions without any problems during 8-10 hours of night time.

Mounting areas for 100 watt led solar street light

  1. Moreover, Garden paths.
  2. Surroundings of reservoirs.
  3. Gazebos and parks.
  4. Similarly, Areas of relief drop.

Varieties of solar-powered lights

For park areas, large waterproof installations are common. Furthermore, they are often made of steel and can run for up to 13 hours without recharging.

Key features

Duration of work

The battery stores solar energy. She subsequently powers the LEDs. But if the day turns out to be cloudy, this energy will not be enough for bright and long-term illumination. This is one of the design flaws. In favorable conditions, the 100 watt led solar street light can work up to 10 hours.

Protection against negative environmental influences

Wow effect: innovative solar-powered luminaires boast GPRS control.


The various flashlights powered by solar energy are based on one of two types of battery: a battery, a nickel-cadmium battery.

Shapes and sizes of 100 watt led solar street light

To install 100 watt led solar street light, you will need floating lamps that are not afraid of the effects of corrosion.

Interesting: the efficiency of modern solar cells photovoltaic does not exceed 45%.  In addition, experts have developed the “super black” fabric, which absorbs almost 100% of the incident light. Moreover, this material is suitable as a base coat for solar panels.

Benefits of solar street led lights

  1. Economical – no electricity costs.
  2. Similarly, they are easy to install – no wiring required.
  3. Durability – the service life of the luminaires reaches 10 years. A high-quality lamp withstands more than 1,000 charge-discharge cycles.
  4. Independence – you can do without charge monitoring and functional checks. The lamp will work even if the house is temporarily disconnected from the power supply.
  5. Environmental friendliness, safety, mobility.


  1. Decreased efficiency on rainy and cloudy days, with severe frosts.
  2. Low power.
  3. Not repairable.

There is ground, wall, hanging and floating 100 watt led solar street light. Therefore, you can easily find the right device for decorating the local area.


To upgrade the purchased design, you can use an additional resistor between the microcircuit and the LED (the current passing through it must be 5-6 mA). Experts also advise installing colored LEDs and eventually changing the standard battery to a Ni-MH battery.


Of course it’s worth it! LED bulbs have undeniable advantages over conventional, familiar lighting fixtures. At first, when they first appeared on our market, their cost was quite high.

At the same time, 100 watt led solar street light will cost you several times cheaper than using conventional incandescent lamps. See for yourself by visiting the LED lamps section in our online store, we have everything you need for high-quality, advanced and inexpensive lighting.

Why we need 100 watt led solar street light?

Every year a person spends about 1900 hours on labor activity, which is about 20% of the total annual life time.

And since 80% of human information is perceived visually, workplace lighting is a matter of utmost importance. It is the state of the office that primarily disposes employees and clients for cooperation.

What statistics say about solar led lighting?

According to statistics, insufficient or improper lighting of employees’ workplaces inevitably entails a decrease in working capacity by 25-30%. Moreover, poor 100 watt led solar street light negatively affects vision and the nervous system of working people. And the use of old technology tends to be the reason why lighting accounts for a significant portion of energy costs.

This problem becomes especially urgent in winter, when it gets dark early and office workers are forced to work in conditions of poor artificial lighting, and electricity costs rise.

Therefore, in this article we will try to consider the basic rules that must be followed when designing lighting in office premises.

Why led light is common?

LED lighting is widely common in the home lighting industry. LED bulbs, LED strips, LED spotlights are used in all rooms of the house: living room, kitchen, bedroom, garage, bathroom. Also outdoors to illuminate walkways or terraces.

LED derives from the English term Light Emitting Diode and designates a “light emitting diode”. In France, it is called LED or light-emitting diode. It is also called SSL, or Solid State Lighting in English. It corresponds to an electronic component which only allows electric current to pass in one direction and which simultaneously emits light. 

100 watt led solar street light is eco friendly

Note, LED lighting is ecological and more efficient than conventional lighting. Indeed, it consumes little energy. LED bulbs are part of the low consumption range.

These characteristics are important to underline, because conventional lighting currently represents 12% of the electricity consumption of a home, alongside hot water and heating. Choosing LED lighting can only reduce a household’s electricity bill thanks to its good energy efficiency.
100 watt led solar street light 2021

LED lighting mode of operation

LEDs use the principle of luminescence, more precisely electroluminescence. Thus, they light up thanks to the light emitted by the passage of an electric current. Their unit of measurement is lumen or lm.

Luminous efficiency

LED lighting produces a light output of up to 100 lumens per watt. This efficiency is mainly due to the heat produced by the diodes. LED lighting products currently on the market have a much higher energy efficiency than halogen or incandescent. Indeed, they are nearly 10 times more efficient than conventional lighting.


100 watt led solar street lights that display an A ++ rating are the most efficient. They provide comfortable, high-quality lighting.

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