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How to use 60w led street light in a warehouse?


Today, on the market, there are many types of 60w led street light with many different designs and capacities, so customers will be very confused when choosing a lamp with the right capacity for their lighting needs. . This article will talk about 60w solar light applications. Why did I choose 60w and not 100w or 200w?

60w led street light

With a capacity of 60w solar lights, it will be more suitable for the lighting needs of households or small and medium-sized companies.

Table of Contents

1 7 lighting applications of 60w solar lights

1.1 Household lighting.

1.2 Garden lighting

1.3 Awning lighting

1.4 Lighting the warehouse area

1.5 School lighting

1.6 Parking lot lighting

1.7 Project works

7 lighting applications of 60w solar lights

Family 60w led street light

This is natural because all customers contact me for more advice on products and lamp wattage, for someone with many years in the field of solar lights, I always advise customers on the type of 60w led street light. 60w lights because they have a luminance and luminous area suitable for households.


And most of the time I get positive feedback from customers, they really like the product and with enough capacity for them to use. If the power is too high, it will lead to discomfort for the user, and if it is too low, it will not have enough brightness.

Customers can install lights on the first floor balcony or the front of the house. If you have a terrace, this is also a reasonable option for you.

Garden lighting

60w solar lights with a lighting area of ​​up to 200m2 will be extremely suitable for your yard. Installation is very easy without wires; you just need to fix it in the place where the light has the best ability to light up. Don’t forget the lamp also has 120 degrees of illumination.

It is very dangerous if you come home from work or play and go through the yard with no light, you will fall or not be able to determine the direction.

60w led street light is the best solution for your garden.

Awning lighting

Most households use 60w led street light for their eaves, because with the area of ​​the eaves not too large, about 20m2 in the city, and 50m2 in other areas. In rural areas, 60w lights will be very suitable.

You will have a strong light source to help you have fun or simply drink tea and play chess after each dinner. With a suitable price that is not too expensive, the price is suitable for everyone and with a lifespan of up to 12-15 years you can comfortably use it without worrying about damage.

60w led street light in the warehouse area

For carpenters or ironworkers, mechanics, self-employed people, it is natural that they have a small warehouse and workshop, their night work will need more light but still want to save energy. 60w solar lights are the best solution.

School lighting

Most of the lessons are usually in the morning, but the after-school courses also need a light source, not the use of 60w led street light in the classroom, but the use of 60w lights for the aisles or classrooms courtyard, maybe on the bar is essential.

Pupils and students will be very secure if their path is full of light. In addition, the light also has a motion sensor that uses dynamic light when it senses movement. This partially contributes to the safety and security of schools.

Parking lot lighting

This is best for areas such as hospitals, parks, apartment buildings, etc. The use of 60w solar lights to enhance security is advisable, having more light will help keep the car at ease, and also significantly reduce electricity costs.

Project works with 60w led street light

Projects often use lights in areas such as campus, walkways, balconies and the use of a large number of lights will significantly increase monthly costs for business owners.

The 60w solar lamp is integrated with a smart sensor, although it operates on the electricity of the light, with the 60w lamp, the problem of poor performance in times of continuous rain or no energy has been overcome.
60w led street light 2022

60w led street light comes with fast charging time of only 4-6 hours and the ability to operate continuously from 10-12 hours. The smart sensor will automatically recognize when it’s raining to adjust the light as well as power consumption to still work well on continuous rainy days.

Solar light application

With the low price, plus the most modern features of the 60w solar lights of our brand, it will help you solve all your lighting problems, you will be really satisfied. When using this product, with a warranty period of up to 24 months and 1 to 1 exchange if there is a fault from the manufacturer, you can feel more secure when making a decision to buy the product.

Solar street lights are one of the popular choices for outdoor security; they are inexpensive, easy to install, and effective. Especially when activated by motion sensors, they are one of the simplest and most powerful tools for stopping criminals from trying to enter your home.

They are effective for commercial and general locations, for the protection of office buildings and private residences.

Why do we need to use 60w led street light?

The problem with 60w led street light is that they use more energy than other types of solar lights. What if you want to increase the security of your business with solar street lights? What if your needs are higher than you want to light a common space, a parking lot or a piece of land?

Using traditional headlights will cost you a considerable amount of money. This article we will talk about “6 reasons to use solar lights for security”

Alternatives to traditional headlights

However, there is good news, if you want the benefits of street lights, but you can’t afford to pay for traditional street lights, then the solar street light alternative is a great choice. 60w led street light is very smart choice.

Solar street lights offer the same benefits as other street lights, like motion sensing solar street lights still do, but you pay a small fee for it and save money more electricity.

In addition, they can be used for many other purposes such as commercial, residential, can be installed with motion sensors and have a long service life.

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