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50w LED Solar Street Light — Reviewing Different Watts for LED Street Light



Street lights guide you home and it seems that recently 50w LED Solar Street Light has become increasingly popular.  No one can deny that the person who came up with the idea of installing lights along the roads and streets did a wonder. The dark hours can be very intimidating and often confusing for pedestrians and drivers alike. Streetlights serve as a luminosity for both of them, making them reach their destinations safely.

However, street lights are of several types. They can be fluorescent lamps or LED watt bulbs, but all of these are not sustainable. They have a fixed number of days that they light up before wearing out. Replacing street lights and lamps every time can be a menacing task.  Hence, one should switch towards something that lasts longer.

Lo and behold! The invention of solar street lights. Using fossil fuels to produce electricity comes with a cost. These resources are non-renewable and heavily likely to exhaust one day! It’s better if we save them up wherever we can and make use of the renewable resources instead.

50w LED Solar Street Light

Solar panels and street lights do precisely that. Because these solar LED lights and their application is daylighting, they may also be known as tubular daylighting devices, sun pipes, sun scopes, or daylight pipes. While they may be expensive to install, they are a one-time investment for a lifetime of luminosity. Solar equipment makes use of one of our biggest non-renewable resource, i.e., the Sun, and converts its energy into electricity in the dark hours. This is a revolutionary technological breakthrough because it is an extremely sustainable resource and equally efficient.

LED solar lights utilize the power of the sun, collected by a solar panel, to charge a rechargeable battery by the day, which then powers an LED light throughout the night.

Types of solar street lights:

Off-Grid Split Type Solar Street Light System:

In this system, each pole has an independent unit that contains the power source (the solar panel), a battery, a light controller, and a LED light. Such systems are the epitome of sustainability as they can be put anywhere (with the exception of areas lacking sunlight) and used to light up the streets.

Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System:

As the name suggests, these lights power a grid system. Either they are connected to one large solar unit that powers all street lights, or each pole has a separate unit to power through. The latter doesn’t require any big solar arrangement.

Solar & Wind Hybrid Solar Street Light System:

Very apparently, these solar lights combine the power of wind and the Sun, both for more production of energy. This system is also more sustainable as it adapts to areas where there may be little or no sunlight. For winters, the winds can power these solar lights, while the sun powers through the summers. Hence, these lights are preferable in harsh climatic conditions as these lights would always be available.

All-In-One Solar Street Light System:

Revolutionization never stops. People always try to go beyond what’s done and make it better, and all-in-one solar street lights are a great example. They come with built-in dimmer and motion sensors that help save energy while keeping a sound check system. They indeed are one of the epitome of technological advancements.

Advantages of 50w LED Solar Street Light:


As mentioned before, these lights utilize the power of the renewable resource, i.e., the Sun, bailing out on the non-renewable fossil fuels. This is a substantial global advantage as it produces less pollution and prevents the resources from being exhausted.


Solar lights are a one-time investment for light for a lifetime. Since solar panels utilize energy, there is no requirement of replacing the bulbs or putting in extra money or effort on these lights.


The sustainability factor of these lights is so strong that they do not need any repairs often. Solar panels last over 20 years, and even then, few routine check-ups would be required to enhance the longevity of these lights.

Safe and easy to install:

No power lines from grid stations are needed to set up these lights; hence, they are easy to install completely independent units. Moreover, they produce and hold direct current (DC) in the batter instead of alternating current (AC). DC is safer for humans than AC.

Things to check for while purchasing LED lights:

When thinking of purchasing a solar LED light, keep the following factors in mind that would help you make the best purchase.

Check for the conversion efficiency. Mono-crystalline solar panels have a much higher rate of conversion than poly-crystalline. Check for the conversion speed, which depends upon the nickel wire in the panels. Thinner the wire, the more the conversion. You can also keep a lookout for the type of glass and other material being used for production so that you are sure about the durability.

50w LED Solar Street Light:

50w LED Solar Street Light is the perfect electrical device for solar light-up use. Watts is another thing you need to take care of when investing in solar street lights as it is the power that makes the street lights last through the day. Compared to bulbs of other powers, 50 watts provides efficient and long-lasting lighting.

Anern is the house of solar-powered electrical devices. Ensuring to make only the most durable solar LED lights, Anern has excellent adjustable solar LED lights for you to choose from. They can either be double or singles paneled,  all-in-one individual units or the ones that connect to massive solar grids for power.

Solar LED lights have been a technological breakthrough for the longest while. From powering houses to cars, they have been the source of lighting for since long. At Anern, the power is used wisely to create state-of-the-art street lights. Don’t let the nights outside your house be darkened out anymore. Anern has the perfect solar street lights to make your life monetarily efficient and bright.


Solar powered LED lights are the future of electricity as they are sustainable and last longer than any other fossil fuel options.


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