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5.5KW Solar Off-grid System with MPPT Controller-inverter

Date: Oct 2020 Location: Bangkok, Thailand
5.5KW Solar Off-grid System (1)
5.5KW Solar Off-grid System(2)
5.5KW Solar Off-grid System(3)

A contractor from Bangkok, Thailand purchased 10 sets of 5.5KW solar off-grid systems equipped with Anern plus series inverters. 5 of which are used for power supply in small supermarkets. This AN-SCI02-Plus series solar inverter is a popular hot-selling product of Anern. Its appearance adopts industrial machinery combined with fashionable design, which is more popular.

The AN-SCI02-Plus series solar inverter system is an exclusive power supply solution designed by Anern. It can be started directly without a battery, reducing system costs. It is also equipped with an exclusively developed 100A solar charging current and 500V maximum input voltage, which improves the power generation and power generation efficiency of the entire system. Users can also connect to WIFI through the mobile phone APP for wireless monitoring, and realize remote monitoring and operation through the mobile phone APP.

At present, these 10 sets of 5.5KW off-grid power supply systems have been successfully installed in supermarkets, gas stations, parking lots and other places and provided stable and continuous power supply. The contractor also reported that he will continue to cooperate with Anern in the future and continue to purchase such excellent and cost-effective products, Anern’s products and services are trustworthy.


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