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Is It Profitable to Use 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar in 2022?


450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar
How to choose a solar power plant for your home?

In recent years, significantly more money has poured out of our wallets to pay off utilities. As everyone knows, the unit price of electricity and gas is growing, along with the size of their costs. Thus, we get the conclusion “spend half as much – pay four times less”. As a result of which an increasing number of people are placing 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar.

Is it profitable to use solar power plants in Ukraine?

Solar power plants fully pay off. It makes it possible to earn money on the sale of electricity to the State. Despite the climate, the impressive number of cloudy days and the latitude. Solar panels will be effective. Their output can exceed 100 watts on a sunny day with 1 sq. meters.

By correctly calculating the power consumption, you can completely abandon the consumption of electricity from the general network. This is in the case of installation autonomous solar stations. However, the correct solution would be to install a hybrid on grid solar power plant. It will quickly pay for themselves and earn on the sale of electricity.

How soon will 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar panels pay off?

There is a continuously operating high-power electrical equipment in the house. The solar battery fully justifies the cost for itself in three to five years. They are especially interesting with a total consumption of more than 100 kWh of electricity, that is, with an increased tariff.

This means that the terms can be further reduced. At the same time, the warranty periods for solar panels fluctuate around five years. High-quality models have every chance of working for more than ten years.

Quite often, people ask themselves the question: Do solar panels function when it is winter and knee-deep snow. In general, what is the efficiency of 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar panels in winter? Especially when daylight hours are very short. Most people think that solar panels use solar heat, not light. Therefore, there is a false impression that the system is not suitable in winter in our area.

Productivity is mainly affected by daylight hours

Solar panels they use the rays of the sun, that is, light, not heat. Therefore, they work the same way both in winter and in summer.

Yes, if necessary, you should not be lazy and remove snow from solar panels, but even under snow they will function. Often, from the heat that the photocells emit during operation, the snow melts on its own and falls off the 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar panels. Naturally, in cloudy weather, solar panels will produce less electricity than usual, but despite this, in clear cold weather, the batteries are still effective.

Snow removal from solar panels

In winter, the degree of tilt of the solar panels is very important, because as the sun decreases, this in turn affects their performance. Usually the universal tilt of solar panels is exhibited, for the whole year.

The efficiency of solar batteries in winter can decrease from 2 to 8 times, depending on the territory. The further south, the greater the productivity will be. Because the more batteries you have, the more energy 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar can generate.

If in the summer the freezer, laptop and room lighting require 1 kW of energy (you need 4 panels of 250 watts), then in winter it is preferable to make a reserve of 2 kW for peace of mind. To correctly calculate the efficiency of batteries, you need to know the values ​​​​of several characteristics: monthly solar activity and the efficiency of the batteries you have installed.

For a simple calculation of the productivity of your batteries, you can resort to the help of special calculators. You just need to define your state and city on the map, enter the number of your solar panels and you will receive monthly statistics. The average can be calculated here. This technique will help you avoid mistakes and negative emotions.

The components for the maintenance of 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar panels


To the greatest extent, the main components for the maintenance of solar panels are:

Solar panels: It is important to monitor the performance of all photovoltaic modules. If one of the elements is broken, then the productivity of the solar station decreases.

Inverters: It is the heart of every solar power plant. It converts a constant flow into a variable, which is produced by photovoltaic cells. Many inverters install on the streets. They design for the environment. To avoid overheating, it is worth regularly cleaning the filters and monitoring the performance of the 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar.

Mounting Modules: They must not be loose, incorrectly. All these points can lead to incorrect operation of solar panels.

Grounding: Grounding is a very important item. It must install correctly. Otherwise, operation may be unsafe and the entire station may fail.

Solar panel cleaning: important point in the maintenance of solar panels

Also, an equally important point in the maintenance of solar panels is the control of the cleanliness of solar panels. Otherwise, they will wear out faster and work inefficiently. Keep them clean and quickly remove dirt, snow, etc. from them. Such work is important to be done at least twice a year.
450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar 2022

The sun is an unlimited source of free solar energy. The resources on the planet are literally for a couple of hundred years, but sunlight will delight us for at least another 4 billion years. In order to get electricity from solar energy -need a 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar panel. Now let’s answer the question of how the solar panel works.

The main element in the composition of the solar panel is a semiconductor. As a rule, it is made of silicon (we described the materials in more detail here).

Working of 450W Half Cut Cell Solar panel

A semiconductor is made up of 2 plates of material. In one layer there is a lack of electrons, and in the other there is an overabundance. Due to this, dissonance is created, and electrons jump from one layer to another.

Photons from the sun enter the top layer of the 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar battery, then they absorb by the active layer of crystalline silicon.

When interacting with silicon, light particles push out atoms of silicon (or other material) from their place. A potential difference arises, and free electrons move around, looking for a new home and trying to extinguish changes in the structure of matter. This is how an electric current flow.

Since silicon is a semiconductor, current will flow in one direction. This is how a direct current is generated.

How does a solar panel work?

The resulting current must come into alternating and a certain voltage and current strength. For this, an inverter and a controller install in the 450W Half Cut Cell PERC Solar.

The resulting electricity goes directly to the output to the battery. The current accumulates in the battery and, if necessary, it will deliver to the sockets when the solar station is not working.

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