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40w Solar LED Street Light: Best Solar LED Street Lights 2021


The widely used public places and arenas are opting for 40w solar led street light

Its looks like a recent practice where people are fast replacing their conventional bulbs with LED lights. The wide range of benefits and safety perks make LED light the most favorite item when it comes to lighting products. It, therefore, is not only limited to household uses only. With ever-increasing advantages and innovations, the 40w solar led street light is becoming a hot product. not only homes but also governmental places, public institutions as well as large stadiums are converting to solar-led street lights. The solar led street light proves to be a real marvel in the lighting industry.

40w solar led street light

The reason hence behind this conversion to solar LED light is the variety of benefits that it offers. Apart from being a cost-effective product in terms of its prices and electricity bills, it equally effective in conserving energy. Here we have compiled the top 40w LED solar street light for you:


Best 40w Solar LED Street Lights In 2021

After careful analysis and thorough reading, we have selected the best 40w led solar street lights in 2021.

Adjustable LED Module All in One Solar LED Street Light (SLA)

The AN-SLA is the first product that we chose as the best 40w solar led street light in 2021. It is the best and the most selling item of Anern Marketing. Moreover, the company recently upgraded its model, features, and design along with an adjustability option. It comes with an angle bracket that helps to adjust it according to the need.


Key Features:
  • Power: 40w
  • Lumens: 210lm/w
  • Solar Panel: Monocrystalline
  • Battery Type: LiFePo4
  • Body Material: Aluminum and PMMA
  • Adjustability: With an adjustable angle the user can set the light up 25 degrees as per requirements.
  • Variety: Additionally, in the same model there are various shapes available as per the customer choices as square, rectangle, integrated, etc.
  • WIFI Cam (optional): There is an option of a WIFI HD camera available if the user is willing for it.
  • Battery: With a Lithium iron phosphate battery, it thus guarantees 8 years of life.

Adjustable Solar Stree Light/ Panel Solar Street Light (SL)

This product from the AN-SL series meets the requirements of becoming the best 40w solar led street light. It is because first, it comes from Anern Marketing, a leading name in the solar LED street light manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it carries a solar panel bracket which is feasible to adjust the solar light according to the range and desired area. It thereby makes the product a hot item due to maximum coverage ability as per customers’ needs. Some key features are:

Key Features:
  • Power Output: 40w
  • Luminous capacity: 170 lm/watt
  • Solar Panel Material: Monocrystalline
  • Battery Installed: Li Battery
  • Additional features: Light controlling ability, Motion Sensor, and Time Control features
  • Body Material; Aluminum and PMMA
  • Adjustment of Solar Panels: It is the most suitable and useable feature of this 40w solar led street light that hence allows the customer to set it as per range and area.
  • 140 x 70 Degree lens coverage: The unique lens that the product carries allow to use of 140 x 70-degree beam angle. This feature eventually enables much wider coverage thereby allowing the wider throw of light at maximum range.
  • Battery Replacement: The battery replacement is now no more a hectic job. Just a few screws and you can replace the battery easily.
  • Aesthetic Design: The attractive and aesthetic design makes it suitable hence for decorative and functioning purposes.

Classic Solar All in One LED Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

If you are looking for the most cost-effective and classic lighting model in solar LED street lights, you are exactly at the right place. It is because this product thereby surpasses all other models in the best 40w solar led street light classic models. The AN-ISSL-M2 is a solar LED light for the street which comprises features like an intelligent control system with much-enhanced battery backup time. These features consequently make the product the combination of modern plus classic items.

Key Features:
  • Power Output: 40w
  • Luminous capacity: 100 lm/watt
  • Solar Panel Material: Monocrystalline
  • Battery Installed: LiFePo4 Battery
  • Additional features: Light controlling ability, Motion Sensor, and Time Control features
  • Body Material; Aluminum and PMMA
  • Professional Design: The built structure of this light is designed in such a way that it looks so professional and attractive with 120 degrees much wider coverage capacity.
  • Anti-Glare Glass: The glass or lens of the light is a modern design that carries anti-glare properties for uniform and stream lighting.
  • Efficiency: The overall efficiency of the solar LED street light is effective because of its ability to convert 21% of the photon energy into electric current.
  • Extended Warranty: Last but not least is the extended warranty that the product offers to its customers and it is more than one can imagine. Yes! 25 years of warranty. Hence making it a cool product?

FOS 40-watt Solar LED Street Light with Remote Control

FOS 40-watt LEDs solar street light is thus the ultimate lighting model one can look for. It offers all the required options when it comes to regular usages. It is equally suitable for large places with its remote-control option. This option thereby makes it suitable for the user to control it from a long distance where height matters. The remote-control features, additionally, eliminate the need for extra-long wiring to makes it reachable to power supply units. Consequently, making it a plug-n-play device. It carries a lithium-ion battery along with 5730 LED light bulbs that only consume the power of 40w electric power making it energy-efficient as well.

40w solar led street light

Key Features:
  • Color: 6500K Cool White Light
  • Material of the Body: ABS Plastic Material
  • Energy Consumption: consumes 40-watt energy
  • Controlling Mechanism: Remote Control Smart Mechanism
  • Product Dimension: 39 x 21x 6 cm
  • Long Life Battery: Lithium strong battery eventually provides extended lighting source.
  • Weight: A lightweight model makes it suitable to carry and install anywhere one wants. It only weighs 1.4 kgs. This feature makes it suitable consequently for a single user to install and replace it.
  • Motion Sensor: Moreover, it equips motion sensor as well for security reasons.
  • Lighting Time: It allows it to set time for its functioning.


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