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20KW Rooftop Solar Power System for Restaurant

Date: July 2020 Location: Indonesia
20KW Rooftop solar power system(1)
20KW Rooftop solar power system(2)
20KW Rooftop solar power system(3)

This client is the person in charge of a restaurant from Indonesia, who runs a restaurant there and wants to provide a solar power system for his restaurant. Due to the unstable local power grid in Indonesia, there will be sudden power outages during the business process, and the electricity bill is extremely expensive, so the client finds Anern and hopes that we can customize a reasonable solar power system solution for his restaurant. According to the restaurant drawings provided by the client and after knowing the daily electricity consumption and electrical usage of the customer’s restaurant, we customized a 20KW off-grid solar system solution suitable for the restaurant.

This off-grid system of Anern adopts self-developed core technology to make the operation of the system more efficient, stable and safe. It is very suitable for areas where there is no power grid or the power grid is unstable. He said that he can operate his restaurant well, without worrying about power outages.

Anern have a 30,000-square-meter factory and our own product production line, with independent production capacity for core components, ensuring the quality of core products and improving the cost-effectiveness of the entire system. Anern’s off-grid system uses the latest MPPT controller, with a conversion efficiency of up to 98%. At the same time, this system also has a remote system monitoring function that can keep track of the system’s power generation status.

Because the roof of the client’s restaurant is very wide, which is very suitable for the installation of solar panels, we installed solar panels on the roof and transformed the computer room used in the restaurant into a place for storing system components. After the system is successfully installed, it can meet nearly 80% of the restaurant’s electricity consumption, and has no impact on the restaurant’s daily operation opportunities. It not only saves electricity bills, but also reduces the impact on the environment.


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