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How to install 10kw off grid solar system easily?


What are the necessary requirements for 10kw off grid solar system?

The location of the 10kw off grid solar system on a roof, your own space or shared with a neighbor, or anywhere close to the installation. The panels easy to install in homes, companies, industries or agricultural facilities.

But there must always the necessary space, where there are no shadows on the panels and if it in Europe, with a south orientation to make the most of the radiation solar.

Who installs the plates of 10kw off grid solar system for me?

Any installer of electrical systems can carry out the installation. However, there are more and more companies specific in placing solar panels. Moreover, these are also in charge of carrying out the bureaucratic procedures to obtain licenses.

We have both an installation service and a facility legalization service. You can contact us if you want to know more information.

10kw off grid solar system

Duration of the works and procedures

Installation work is completed in a day or two. The administrative procedures depend on the municipality, but they range from a couple of weeks to a few months

How long does it take to pay for the installation of 10kw off grid solar system?

The investment is pay off within five years based on consumption, but if around 60% of the 10kw off grid solar system production is common. Also, many municipalities offer aid and subsidies for solar installations.

How does injecting my excess energy into the public grid work?

In network connection facilities, the wattmeter oversees controlling the energy that is poured. For this reason, the electrical energy that your installation produces and is not common, that is, the surplus, pours into the grid. Your company will discount that energy that you have paid every month, paying you an amount for it if you request it.

Electricity rates with compensation at 8 cents

We have electricity rates with compensation at 8 cents / kWh. Ask our technicians about our electricity rates. 10kw off grid solar system harvesting technology is becoming more and more efficient. The useful life of solar panels is about 30 years.

In addition, knowing that there is a rapid amortization, you can have very cheap electrical energy for many years. On the other hand, plate prices have decreased in the last 10 years, which is an incentive to consume electricity in an ecological way and respecting the environment.

Popularity of 10kw off grid solar system has reached everywhere

In recent years, the popularity of solar energy has reached everywhere. This trend facilitate by a stable drop in equipment prices and the finally emerging legislative measures to stimulate the construction of mini solar power plants. In this regard, potential buyers of 10kw off grid solar system have a question, which solar panels are better to buy.

Information on this topic is rather scattered and does not always correspond to reality. Therefore, we considered it necessary to talk about the comparative characteristics of panels of different types obtained by professional testing methods.

Which 10kw off grid solar system are better to buy?

Before proceeding to the comparison of individual characteristics, let us note the most important criterion for choosing the best solar equipment. Globally, this is the Bloomberg rating, known as TIER.

  • TIER-1 class. This includes the products of world leaders in the manufacture of photovoltaics. Panels from TOP firms are the most reliable and protected by a manufacturer’s warranty for the entire service life – at least 25 years. Unambiguously recommended for purchase.
  • TIER-2 class. Cheaper panels. They mainly represent by Chinese enterprises of the “mid-range”. Reduced prices of off grid solar systemachieve by using inexpensive materials, savings on research work and a reduction in any production costs. The purchase option allows if you are on a tight budget.
  • TIER-3 class. Producers practically unknown on the market, the production of which carries out literally “on the knee”. If you need more than one panel to power an LED string, it is better not to purchase such a photovoltaic.

Solar battery – which is the best according to the results of special tests

Until 07/01/2009, only manufacturers indicated the testing parameters for batteries. After this date, only test data from international laboratories became officially recognized throughout the world.

This immediately open the discrepancy between the declared and real characteristics of the 10kw off grid solar system. The result was the introduction of the international standard IEC 61853 “Photovoltaic Module Power Rating.

The results of the following tests were mandatory

  • PV-USA Test Conditions (PTC),
  • Standard Test Conditions (STC),
  • Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT),
  • Low Irradiance Conditions (LIC),
  • High Temperature Conditions (HTC),
  • Low Temperature Conditions (LTC).

They allow you to accurately determine the performance of solar system in real conditions. The test results for various conditions clearly show in the table.

It is easy to determine which 10kw off grid solar system are better

Based on the test results, it becomes easy to determine which solar panels are better, since the data of the most important tests always give in the documentation for the panel.

Example: from the above screen it follows that the real likely performance of the ND-250QC s model, even under optimal conditions, will not be 250, but only 223.6 watts.

Which 10kw off grid solar system are better – mono or poly?

There is one prejudice among the common people. It lies in the fact that panels based on monocrystalline cells (Mono-Si) are always better than polycrystalline (Poly-Si). The reason for this is the higher nominal efficiency of the first type models of 10kw off grid solar system.

The source of this bias is a misunderstanding of the fact that it is impossible to provide ideal lighting conditions for Mono-Si modules in cold conditions. It is advisable to build power plants from such panels in the UAE or Morocco, where the sun is close to its zenith, and it rains once a year.

Conclusion 10kw off grid solar system

As modern technologies improve, one more question needs to be ask. He touches on the comparison of the silicon “classics” of both types with thin-film and flexible panels.

The predominance of the first option on the market is understandable – their manufacture has been debugged for a long time, costs on average less, and the nominal efficiency is still somewhat higher. However, all the largest 10kw off grid solar system manufacturers of the planet are actively working on thin-film technologies. Why?

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