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Founded in 2009, Anern is a diversified enterprise providing scientific and technological innovation, energy applications, committed to the improvement of the living environment and international cooperation by energy-saving technologies, efficient lighting, and green energy solutions. As a leader in LED Lighting and Solar Applications, Anern insists on integrating the advanced technology and professional design into every solution and blending the best service with the highest quality products, aiming at each client's satisfaction.

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Anern focuses on the production and application of clean energy, including solar lighting, solar power and energy storage, and LED energy-saving lighting. In the past 12 years, Anern has developed series of products relating to solar power and led lighting based on market demand, owns over 20 patents for self-developed products. So far we have provided service to over 180 countries and areas globally and developed over 3,000 solar energy projects worldwide, which has won clients’ uniform praise.

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Being human-oriented, continuing legend of light, are our continuing brand spirit. With the mission of “Respect the Nature, Save Energy, Reduce Pollution, Create Value for Clients”, Anern will continue to devote to the continuous improvement and development of the products and service, and create a better future together with our clients. Anern aims to be a globe leading brand in LED lighting and solar power field.

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Anern owns professional factory, introducing advanced production equipment, specialized production line, talented R&D team and adopting worldwide leading technology, through international standard management and strict quality control to ensure the stable-performance and high-quality products. Anern provides a wide range of products, involving solar lights, solar power system and all kinds of LED lights. Meanwhile Anern can offer OEM services as per your specific requirements, customize the solar system and LED lighting solutions in the practical application.

  • Rich production experience reduces the cost of products.
  • Providing service to over 180 countries and areas globally.
  • Having developed over 3,000 solar and LED projects worldwide.

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Anern, with its expert’s team and complete product series, which has supplied its LED and solar products throughout the countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Middle-East, etc., and has won good reputation from the clients.

Our formidable technical team will offer professional solution for every specific project, you can rest assured to let us do it!


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Solar led street light

LED street light becomes a major contributor to the lighting industry. Its applications are widening with each day. Similarly, owing o its small compact form, however, the efficiency remains a surprising phenomenon. With ever-increasing human jobs and the veracity of industries, they led street lights are also becoming a versatile phenomenon. There hardly is any sector left that doesn’t use led street lights. However, the basic trick behind this is the knowledge of how to use them. Unlike, the traditional lighting system, the phenomenon of led lighting differs greatly.

What is LED Lighting Technology?

So, the foremost thing is to understand the basic definition and concept o LED lighting technology. This will help further to understand technicalities relating it to a basic structure. An LED is a Light-emitting diode, which turns the electric energy into light energy. Diode, basically, for those who don’t know, is a component that works and delivers only in one direction. By this, it means that LED, an electrical component, emits light current travel in one direction i.e., from a positive terminal to a negative terminal. Hence these diodes act as a tiny LED street light bulb that is efficient with less power.

LED Solar Street Light

Types of LEDs in the Market

In Led street light market there basically are two leading types of LED bulbs. Amongst them is the 5mm Through-Hole LED and Surface Mount LED.

5mm Through-Hole LEDs

The 5mm LEDs carry a diode that is present in a 5mm diameter lens. This LED street light bulb thereby also contains two long metal legs. This leg makes the connection with the powerhouse. However, owing to their composition and installation, the 5mm LEDs are best for devices that require a low amount of light. They hence are even applicable at a low current at 30mA. These lights however are available in a variety of different colors and intensities as well. Signage, flashlights, indicators, or any breadboard is the best use for these through-hole LEDs

Surface Mount LEDs

Surface Mount LED is the most sophisticated as well as a detailed LED street light bulb. This is because it requires a complete circuit board as a substrate on which the light is attached. Furthermore, it also requires a dome that helps in protecting it. These surface mounts are high-power LEDs which are a perfect solution for large industries, warehouses, street lights as well as parking lots.

The surface mount LED is also known as SMDs. They emit high lumens of white bright light as high-power lighting technology by far. Additionally, these SMDs carry a wide range of color as well as thermal control capacity. However, the power consumption of these lights owning to their performance is a little higher than that of Through-Hole LEDs. The SMD carries at least the voltage of 350mA to turn them.

Due to this factor, these lights are printed on a Meta Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB). The board carries easy paths for connections. Furthermore, they are insulated in nature. Amongst these circuit boards, the 20mm is the best seller circuit. These circuits carry 1-up as well as 3-up models. The Quad board is another famous model that carries 4 LEDs, however, this one is slightly larger than 20mm.

What are some specifications of LED Lights?

There are many LED street light specification elements that distinguish LED street Bulbs from conventional lights. This includes

Polarity is Pertinent in LEDs

Now here is the precautionary part in LED street light manufacturing. Wiring an LED and its polarity is the major issue. Symmetric or non-symmetric matters a lot. This is because LEDs are diodes and they only carry the unidirectional current flow. Furthermore, when there is no current there is no light at all. However, there is an edge to this phenomenon.

By this it means that when we connect the LEDs in the wrong direction, it will not burn out, nevertheless, it only will not show any light. The positive leg or side in the LED street light bulb is Anode, whereas the negative side is called Cathode. The flow of current therefore always follows the direction from the positive end to the negative end. Otherwise, the current will not flow. So here it is imperative to differentiate between positive end and negative end.

Color Options and Variety in LED street light bulb

One of the most attractive and amazing aspects of these LED street light bulb is that they offer a variety of color options. This includes

White Bright LED Bulbs

The process that creates white bright LED light is known as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). The process creates different white light variations at varying temperatures. The temperature that we define in LEDs hence is in Kelvin. This is the reason that the LED light bulbs mention 4000K or 6000K. Zero here means absolute zero, however, with each degree up and down means each Kelvin. Below 4500K to 3000K is a warm color, however, with 4500K and above is cool white.

Color Variants in LEDs

Wavelength in LED bulbs matters a lot when it comes to adding colors. The wavelength furthermore is measured in nanometers. These additions of color in LED street light bulb aims at enhancing the visual effect. However, a certain wavelength of light is necessary for creating such a color. This means that Curing, growing, reef tank and many others are the famous effects.

The table here shows that certain wavelengths and temperatures are responsible for certain colors. The color temperature and wavelength in order to get a certain color are the same for each brand. Many brands have developed their guideline as chart listed below to guide customers about the variety as well as the color options. Generally, however, the most famous products are 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K as temperature. Moreover, in terms of color wavelength, the widely available are 400-660nm.

The brightness of LED Bulb

Color variation is not the only thing to distinguish the LED light. However, in LED street light specification brightness is another factor that makes it stand out. Nevertheless, it is really hard to tell the exact brightness of the LED street light bulb. This is because of the brightness of the light available in lumens. Lumen is a scientific unit to measure the total amount of current flux in light. The small 5mm led carry a millicandela (mcd) amount of current.

IS supply of current Matters in LED Light Specifications?

Yes, the drive matters a lot in making the light function properly. By this, it means that the number of lumens in an LED bulb depends upon the amount of current traveling through the light. High Power LEDs can carry 350mA to 3000mA. A user must keep in mind looking at the current rating as well while choosing the LED light bulb.

How to determine the Brightness of LED street Light Bulb


This well is the trickiest part of the study. This thereby includes the selection of LED as well the combination of the driver. This is done to obtain the required amount of light. Each high power led at a different drive current poses different brightness of a light.

These measures include 1-up start 20mm led bulb circuit to 3-up LED bulbs. The 3-up offers a more high light option because it is a triple amount of light on a single circuit. The finding process of the brightness nevertheless is not a very hard thing to measure. Let’s discuss the brightness of one product which is:

Cree-XP-L at 2100mAh current

Cree-XP-L is the famous light brand by LED Supply Group. The flux characteristic chart table is given below. First, we will discuss the cool white XP-L at v5, the highest bin. Binning itself is a separate component that we will discuss later on. This is the typical flux at 1050mAh current. The lumens numbers are given in the table as 1500, 2000, and 3000mA.

The current that flows in this LED is run at 2100mAh and Buck Block LED driver. The aim is to see what type of led light emits out. The graph here helps in times when you are driving a current on in-between values. The graph here shows the relative flux percentage on the y-axis as well as the drive current on the x-axis.

The arrow in the graph shows the tested range of the LED light. However, the question mark arrow depicts the current flow. This further shows that there is a 75% increase in the current flow. Normally it was 460 lumens at the tested level.

However, after multiple it by 1.75 for cool white XP-L at 2100mAh we get 805 lumens. Lumens and LED output is difficult task to find out when buying LED lights. This is because the traditional light bulbs measure strength in wattage. Nevertheless, in the case of LEDs, they are more efficient in terms of light display in comparison to conventional bulbs. By this, it means that a 50W LED street light bulb is more efficient and brighter than a conventional LED bulb. The figure below also shows that the variety of LED and incandescent bulbs emitting a variety of lumens.

LED Street Light Dimensions and Angles

The variety of angles in 5mm LED helps in determining the LED street light specification as to which one is better for you. However, in surface mount LED light, there is a typical give-off angle that is 125 degrees. For this reason, we have start boards.

These boards make the work easy for us and are mostly compatible with LED optics. These are the secondary option, which otherwise helps in focusing the LED light to a specific direction or spot. Furthermore, these optics also reflect the light into a spot. These are varying in shapes as medium spot, wide spot, elliptical, and ova formation of light.

For the sake of example, the 1-up LED light offers a cone shape design and it requires an optic holder. If you are installing it on a board, then the optic holder carries four legs that perfectly sits in the grooves of the star. For triple 3-up LED starboard there is a specific Carclo optics holder. This holder hence carries three holes for a leg of the optics to settle in.

Powering the LEDs

Since LED street light bulbs are famous for carrying the best efficacy in terms of power and display. This is in comparison with all other conventional lighting sources. The efficacy of light is that it measures how well a light source is producing visible light. This efficacy is hereby known as lumens per watt. Furthermore, in addition to this, there is a simple concept to this.

This states that the efficacy is the amount of light that we get against the watt power that we provide it. Now, to find out this, there is a need to look at the wattage of LED lights in use. To measure this, we need to multiple the forward voltage with the drive current. Forward voltage in which the current flows in a normal conducting direction.

This measurement of current is always in Amperes, not I milliamperes. Let us look at the power of the same Cree XP-L 1-up LED. The figure shows that the drive current is 3.15. to find watt, we multiply the forward voltage by 2A (2000mA=2 Amps). This, therefore, comes out as 6.3 watts. Now to find efficacy we need to divide the 742 lumens for this LED at 2000ma by 6.3 watts. The efficacy thereby for this LED is 117.8. this is a significant amount of efficacy.

Furthermore, at 35mA the same Cree XP-L shows the boasted amount of efficacy that stands at 200 lumens per watt. The more the amount of current in the LED there is a chance of reduction of efficacy. This is because the increase in current thereby decreases the chances of heat dissipation hence making it less performance effective. For the best bright light and more efficacy, the LED should run on the lowest possible current.

Something More About LED Drivers in an LED street light bulb

Now to run an LED with the desired amount of current and lumens, you just need to look for a LED driver. The LED driver helps in meeting your bright light energy goals. This basically is an electrical device that aims at regulating the perfect amount of current in order to power the LEDs or strings of LEDs.

The driver makes sure that there is a constant amount of electric current to let the LEDs glow. This is because with the passage of time there occurs a temperature change, the electrical properties change. A simple example or analogy of this feature LED driver box is the cruise control system in the cars.

While going out towards the hilly stations, the cruise control makes sure to provide the car enough power to stay at a steady speed. This cruise control hence regulates the gas in order to let the car keep going. The driver here in LED light is very important, this is because the LED street light bulb requires a specific amount of electric current to operate properly. If there is a little or very low current requires, the drive box in LED controls or lowers it. This thereby results in low light emission.

However, on the other hand, if there is a requirement of an ample amount o light energy, the current flow that passes through the drive box will also be high. Nevertheless, too much current causes overheating which ultimately fails the LEDs. This is the reason that a good supplier always guides the customers about the datasheet that helps in guiding them about the recommended amount of current. This further helps in avoiding any mishap.

How Much Voltage is Required for Lighting Up LEDs?

Finding out an answer to this very common and frequently asked question is very easy. All it requires you to find out the forward voltage. For a string of LEDs, one must combine all the forward voltages, and then measure them in collective reading. Furthermore, for a parallel connection, one needs to find out how many led are connected in a single string.

Additionally, some driver demands 2 voltage overhead in order to function properly.  Let us say that if you measure a total voltage of a series of LEDs and it turns out to e 9.55, you should feel very much safe while using the power supply of 12V. For AC output drivers or offline drivers, the measurement of the output voltage is important. For this, an AC input driver of 3-12VDC works very well.

Controlling Heat Specifications in LED Light Bulb

Just along with the flow of finding the wattage for your LED lighting system, there is equal importance or need to find out the heat control criteria for the LEDs. These LED lights are high in power, therefore there is a greater chance of heat emission.

The creation of heat by these LEDs light thereby will not a good omen. The emission of too much heat makes these lights less performance effective as well as it reduces their lifetime. Therefore, heatsinks are used in the LED street light bulb. These heatsinks are used in the space of every 3 inches inside for every watt. Large wattages obvious look for larger recommended heatsinks.

LED Binning and Quality in LED Street Light Manufacturing Process:

We are very well aware of the insane and rapid growth of LED street light bulb across the globe. Therefore, with much variety, there is a chance of getting confused about the qualities of LED lights. There are cheap as well as expensive LED lights are available in the market. the cheap LED light attracts customers in large numbers. However, initially, the LED lights will work very fine, nevertheless, these lights in the long run will fail to sustain as well as burn out quickly. This happens because of the low-grade quality testing mechanism.

Therefore, the best quality LEDs manufacturer only selects high-quality LEDs for you. They prefer to collect the best color as well as the best brands. This not only helps them in getting a large loyal customer audience but also creates a customer satisfaction environment.

This quality manufacturer takes into account the quality manufacturing as well as the binning of an LED street light bulb. They work on following the technical data sheet and for this reason, hence they bin these LEDs for their luminous flux, forward current as well as color.

The quality manufacturer aims at collecting the highest luminous flux LED light that offers visible light with the lowest forward current. All these technical values thereby help in increasing the efficacy of the LEDs. The market as we know is full of these cheap LEDs however, they are not documented in a proper manner. These things thus make the cheap LED prone to rapid failure.

I hope to this we are now sure that there is much more you have learned and it will definitely help you in understanding the key points. These points will guide you as to what to look for when buying an LED street light bulb. We even after this is open to guiding you in case you are looking for more detailed or specific information about any product.

A Buying Guide to an LED street light bulb


By far you guys must be very well familiar with what LED lighting technology is. And we also know that this is the real future of the lighting industry. Though, at present, it is not taking the industry as it is required to do so. The industry will overtake everything from homes to large manufacturing units, military security as well as road signs.

However, with advancement in its technology as well as its demand, there is a greater requirement for being more flexible. Flexibility in LED street light design is the key to its success. Along with it, there must be enhanced efficiency that further helps us in affecting our ways of life.

Short Introduction: Buying Guide to LED Street Lights

These are the most important as well as imperative things to look at while deciding to buy LED lights. This thus includes:


Efficiency is the foremost factor that one must keep in mind. This is because it is the efficiency that is driving us to switch from conventional lighting technology to a more sustainable one. The LED light is of no use if it is not efficient. The efficiency of LED street light bulb is way greater than conventional lamps. They furthermore last longer and are durable as well. The general efficiency of these LED bulbs is 5 times more than incandescent bulbs. This is because they only use around 2watts to 10 watts of electrical energy.

Brightness Level

The brightness of LED lights is measured in a unit of lumens, not in watts.

The upfront cost of LED lights is obviously greater than conventional lights, however, the greater the long span of these lights makes them worth buying a product.


The ultra-compact design of LED lights makes them ultra-flexible in nature. This is the reason that these lights are available in multiple designs and shapes. These silhouettes and technology were never possible before the invention of the LED light.

Cool Lights but Not Too Hot

The process is the conversion of electrical energy into light. Therefore, there are no chances of heat build-up.

Mercury Free Technology

The mercury elements are not present in LED light bulbs. Therefore, these are safe for humans as well.

Long Life Slow Failure

The LED light hence carry low electricity and low heat, this is the reason that they are prone to stay longer than expected. The slow dimming process prevents the abrupt burning process.


The dimming feature in LED makes it stand out as the best technology. This is because, unlike incandescent light, the LED lights don’t dim in the way these conventional lights do. The fixtures now offer a warm dimming feature that not only helps in lowering the output but also the color temperature as well.

EFFICIENCY Uses up to 80% less energy than an incandescent Consumes up to 75% less energy than an incandescent Uses up to 30% less energy than an incandescent 90% of energy is wasted as heat
AVERAGE LIFE SPAN (HOURS) 50,000 10,000 1,000 1,000
COLOR TEMPERATURE Varies by product; select high-quality LEDs for consistency Ranges from warm (3,000K) to cool (6,000K) Ranges from warm (2,700K) to cool (5,500K) Warm (2,700K)
COLOR RENDERING INDEX (CRI) 80-90+ Most are 60-70+ 100 100
DIRECTIONALITY Directional Multidirectional It is Multidirectional Multidirectional
DIMMABLE Most Few Yes Yes

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